What I'm Doing With My Single Skeins

So, I get a little obsessed with each new thing I learn to knit. My latest fetish was felted handbags. I bought LOTS of the wool to felt, in lovely colors, then realized I can’t really use or even give away that many bags. What to do with those single skeins…I’m now knitting them up into hotpads - to be felted. They seem pretty nice so far. I’ll post pictures when done. I’m doing it on size 11 needles, knit with 2 strands to get thickness.

For felting, I’m zipping them into a white pillowcase cover, in the company of 3 tennis balls for agitation. It seems to keep the fluff out of the drain hose, which is very good.

Sounds like a great plan. I have never felted…yet…I am eyeing a felted cabled bag I have the pattern for and drool over everytime I look at it.

You make felting sound so simple.

Great idea! I have thought about doing that and I wondered if they would hold their “square”.

That’s a great idea!! I can’t wait to see what they turn out like-this would be a great way to use up little bits of stash yarn, too!

Well. . .the really popular thing now is long skinny scarves. All the stores are selling them. Maybe if one skein isn’t enough you can make some striped skinny scarves and do them with two or three colors.

I love em!

I’ve made sweaters, (kids sweaters), hats, scarves, throw pillow covers, fingerless gloves…–lots of things…

this sweater was made from bargain bin… 2 dark pink balls (2 different dye lots, 1 grey, 1 green, 1 light pink, (and 1.5 balls of left over (from an other project) peach…)
by them selves, not enough for much, but together? a work of art!

–and OK this pair of sweaters,(1 ) (2) together required 2 balls each of 5 colors, (white, aqua, teal, taupe, dr brown) (and with an other ball of white, there will be vest for Miss C–(no photo yet) )

and 1 ball each of Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, (plus 4 balls of black). and i got this double knit vest

I love using colors, and stripes (narrow ones or broad ones are a great way to mix up odds and end of balls of yarn, and to take odd balls and put them together to make something!