What if my yarn is not recommended for needle size in a pattern?

Hi All!

I’m a beginning knitter and want to take on a simple baby blanket project. The blanket is basically 20 patterned dishcloths sewn together to make a blanket.

The patterns call for #3 lightweight yarn (the suggested yarn is DK weight) - and size 7, 4.5 mm needles.

The yarn I am considering is Cascade Ultra Pima - but on the website it says it is suitable for needles up to 4.0 mm.

Do I need to choose a different yarn? Or different needle?


Brand: Cascade Yarn
Weight: DK
Blend: 100% Pima Cotton
Needles: 3.75mm-4.00mm
Ball Weight: 100g
Yarn Length: 200m (218 yds)
Gauge: 22 stitches, 24 rows to 10cm

Welcome to Knitting Help!
Both the pattern and the yarn tag are considering the average knitter when they recommend a needle size. The pattern is also giving you an indication of how lacy the designer was imagining the project.
The important number is the gauge called for in the pattern.
You’ll determine your gauge when you knit a gauge swatch or in this case, the first square. See if you get the measurement called for in the pattern and if not you can adjust the needle size to get closer to that gauge. That’ll give you the size square you want.
That said, gauge won’t be all that critical for a blanket. See if you like the feel of the knit fabric, not too loose or too tight, and let that also guide your choice of needle and yarn.
The Cascade should work for this pattern and it’s lovely yarn in great colors. I just finished a sweater using it and love the feel.

Thank you!!