What if I forget? Knit or purl row?

Right now I’m working on a pattern that requires me to alternate between knit rows and purl rows. I am pretty good at using my little row counter so I always know where I’m at but with kids and hubby and everything else sometimes I question if I remembered to count the row I just completed. So I’m wondering, is there a way to tell what stitch was used on the row I just completed?



The knit side, or right side (RS) will be flat. The purl side (WS) will be bumpy. So on the flat side, you knit, on the bumpy side, you purl.

Ohhh I think I understand. So as I’m knitting, if the flat side is facing me (left needle) then I would knit that row and if the bumpy side is facing me then I purl? I’ve never really payed any attention to the front and back side as I knit.

it helps to know what the stitch looks like and how it’s made. If you make a swatch like a bunch of short rows of knit…then a bunch of rows of purl…then half the row knit and half the row purl for a bunch of rows…you will soon see that the little knits make “V”'s and the purls look like they have a necklace on them (the bumps). If you flip it over, then you see the reverse of what you saw before…the ones with ‘bumps’ on one side have Vs on the other…becuase the purl and knit are the opposite of one another…

To make it easier on myself (also a fairly new knitter); if I’m working in stockinette stitch (knit 1 row-purl 1 row), I pin a safety pin to my knit side. Then, each time I pick up my work, I can immediately tell which stitch I should be working.

[color=blue]Also a way to tell knit from purl is to know which row you knitted first. If it is a knit row, your hanging piece of yarn you cast on with will be on your left. The purl row will have the beginning yarn hanging down on your right. [/color]

Rennagayle that is a great idea. I will be using that tip. :thumbsup: ~Brooke

Thank you all for the wonderful tips! I’m aready learning so much! :wink: