What I want to learn this year :-)

Hi all,

I hope your new year is going well :slight_smile: Knitting resolutions are much more exciting than real life ones, and I strongly believe that it is important to rack up little victories for yourself to help you cope with the bigger challenges. Small successes, no matter how seemingly unimportant, reassure you in your own worth and ability. So -

Last year, I learned almost everything I know about knitting and crochet beyond the basics. I learned lace, double knitting, illusion knitting, yarn dyeing, circular knitting, double pointed needle knitting, cables, fair isle and other things I can’t think of at the moment. I have some things I want to try this year though :

Pattern writing - I’ve made my own designs of things, and I would like to write them down and, in some cases, sell them, and in others, share them with the world for free. But I need to be able to write a comprehensible pattern that other people can follow.

Entrelac - it looks fascinating but I haven’t had any patterns I’m really drawn to that have forced me to learn it, which is how I’ve been learning so far. I would like to learn it, just so I know how, and so I get a better understanding of what can be done with stitches :slight_smile:

Mosaic knitting - the same as entrelac, really - I’d just like to know how to do it and make some pretty things with it.

Clothes making - as a ‘big’ girl (read fat), the cost of yarn for projects bigger than a vest top is prohibitive, and I’m disabled so have very little income. I would like to be able to make my own clothes from materials so I can fit them to me properly, and then embellish with knit, crochet, and everything else I can do! Either this, or figure out a way to get cheap non-wool but decent yarn.

Set up my yarn shop online - I love dyeing yarn. I absolutely love it. I have a problem with giving it away, though - but again, since I’m disabled with little income, I need to fund my habit somehow. I want to be able to share my silks and cottons with the world, and hopefully make some money out of it too. The nice yarn lady I know locally says that I should sell it at high-end craft fairs as well, where people expect to pay quite a bit for it, because she likes it so much :slight_smile: But I don’t want to fleece (pardon the pun) people either. So I’ll probably be asking for you guys’ advice on pricing.

Steeking - it’s embarrassing how little I know about this, except that it involves cutting the yarn somewhere. So I want to know how to do it. Because I’m like that.

Intarsia - I’ve tried it, and I understand the principle, but I don’t like it much. I want to like it.

So, these are the things I can think of - anyone got any tips on where to start or suggestions to add? What are your things you want to learn? :slight_smile:

Fi xxx

Let’s see…

I’ve got lace down pat, and I can felt booga bags with the best of them. I learned how to make socks last year, so that’s another one down.

I want to learn to work with color. I’ve only made two dishcloths (the ballband ones) using two colors. For some reason, color work scares me.

I would also love to make something wearable…other than a hat or scarf.

I’m also going to try entrelec. Oh, and I would like to learn magic loop and how to knit with two circs.

So, once I finish with school next month, I’ll have a lot more time to devote to this “to-do” list.

I want to work on:




along with: incorporating lace, and cables, and colorwork into the above.


Something wearable


cables, socks, felting (on purpose), mastering seaming, lacework are all big points of interest for me!

Entrelac and Mosaic are two things I am really going to get to grips with during the next month or so.Have just achieved a lovely Lace shawl for my Mother. For the entrelac I am going to make cushion covers in varying shades of fawn/orange and brown.:knitting:

I learned pretty well the basics of knit and crochet (other than the little I learned as a child) last year. This year I’m getting beyond them a bit. I’m working on a basic sweater and hope to do more simple wearables to get a sense of how they fit and are constructed. I’d like to learn continental knitting if I can. I can do the knit move, but the purl is hard for me. Maybe I can hole up for a few weeks and make dishcloths to get this down-pat.

My goals for the year are:

  1. Learn to knit socks (I’ve got all the supplies now I just need the guts :blush: )
  2. Make a sweater.
  3. Do more knitting and less reading about it.:teehee:

colorwork! knitting slightly faster than molasses in january.
And not giving up when frustrated.

Hey gals! I’m a newbie, but have become so addicted to knitting.

This year I want to learn to make socks and hats and knit with a cable needle.

I am such a newbie and am still having trouble getting started with projects.

  1. Socks on circs (OK, any kind of socks but I bought the circ book)
  2. Lace (Branching Out scarf is in my bag, just need the yarn)
  3. Felting. Now that I’ve discovered I can work with SWS, I can felt something!!

That’s just a start…

There’s always so much I want to learn. This last year I can’t even begin to remember how many things I learned how to do - I usually learn something from every project I do!! This year I want to:

1 - make myself a sweater
2 - learn to do socks
3 - learn lace knitting
4 - make myself some FT felted clogs! (this month)

and I’m sure there’s more … there’s ALWAYS more!!

I’m sure there’s more … there’s ALWAYS more!

Right you are, Wanda! Let’s see:

  1. Lace
  2. Professional looking sweaters (May have to take blocking instructions from Yarn Lady!)
  3. Entrelac, as I have the desire for a bag done in it.

My resolution is a simple one, I want to wean my nephews and family off of the expensive christmas gifts they don’t really need (they’re so hard to shop for) and knit:

  1. Felted Clogs for my brother and two nephews (in their team colors)
  2. Flapper hat for mom (she’s a nutty old broad)
  3. Twinkletoes ballerina slippers for brother’s wife.

Oh, yeah, and a sweater for me :slight_smile:

Oh there is so much I want to learn, where to start!

  1. Socks so I can make Christmas stockings.
  2. Multicolour work to make interesting stockings.
  3. Sweaters for all the babies in my life. Maybe it won’t be so intimidating if it is in miniature.

Okay I think that’s as far as I will go for now.

  1. Mittens - I’m taking a class that starts next week. The thumb scares me! After I learn to do the thumb, then I’ll decide if I want to try gloves.

  2. Socks - I’ve knit baby booties and Christmas stockings, but not an actual pair of socks.

  3. Intarsia - just haven’t tried it yet.

  4. Cables - I’m interested, but not in a hurry.

  5. Seaming - need to learn how to do this better.

I want to learn steeking and fair isle knitting. i even have the project chosen. eunny jang’s deep v argyle vest.

I also want to learn entralac. probably start with the Quant from Knitty.

I thought I would update you on my progress - I’ve started Quant from Knitty and am doing quite well - it was frustrating at first because I don’t like just following instructions, I need to know why it’s doing that and how the stitches fit together, but I decided to keep going and it would become clear. I think it’s starting to :slight_smile:

I thought of another resolution, though - I need to get everything photographed and up on ravelry! I’ve been meaning to do it for ages…

I guess my resolutions would be:

Take designing seriously. I want to design and knit a sweater.

Learn to spin with drop spindle.

Offer knitting lessons locally.

Finish up all my UFOs. (HA)

Consider completing TKGA Master Knitter classes.