What I want for my birthday

30 minutes.

In yarn store (none are local to me.)


I’m squirelling away $ for yaaaarrrrrn.

Close your eyes and blow out the candles and may your wish come true! That sounds heavenly.

I dunno–just 30 minutes? There’s no way you could look at all the yarn in that amount of time, nor could you find all the yarn you wanted to buy, get it to the register, and check out before your time was up.

Or maybe that’s just me: I spend lots of time picking up several balls of yarn, carrying them around with me, setting them down (back where they belong, of course), picking up other balls of yarn, carrying them around for awhile, and then setting them down to go get the first yarn I picked up (repeat that whole scenario many times over until I’m half crazy). Somehow I think that carrying yarn around helps me make up my mind (it doesn’t so don’t bother trying it).

So, I say you’d better change your wish to an hour–or two hours–just to be on the safe side (if any of the “yarn angels” are listening–yoohoo).

Until you get your wish, I’ll just say how impressed I’ve been with Yarn Paradise. Although they haven’t gotten my yarn here in two days (as they claim), they are still faster than many of the online stores in the States. Since YP is in Turkey, I can forgive them–that’s a long ways from here.

I ordered 34 balls of yarn (various kinds) and paid $66 for yarn and shipping. That works out to about $1.94 per ball of yarn. Of course, some of that yarn was on sale, but they have lots of sale items and lots of variety, so finding something you want that’s on sale isn’t that difficult. The yarn’s not here yet, but when it arrives, I’ll let you know what I think of its quality.

DD will be 2.5 months then…she is exclusively breastfed so…30 minutes might be the limit. Also, I no longer have a knitting friend to grope yarn with me so I’ll be groping solo. I hope to score some ultra pima cotton, sock yarn?..crystal palace sausalito if they have it, some merino…whee. I’d buy online but webs nails me on shipping big time. :-/

If you have the time a nice place to visit is www.abundant-yarn.com
Shop is located in Spokane, WA and they ship just about anywhere in the world. Amazing selection of colors in each yarn brand; for example, over 80 colors in Cascade 220 alone.


Hmmm very interesting! They ship free when you spend $100! That’s my approximate budget for birthday yarn. Come to thonk of it, kinda hard to blow $100 in 30 minutes! Bear in mind, I haven’t been in a real yarn shop in almost a year! (Michael’s and Jo-Anns don’t count.)

:roflhard: good luck with that. I’ve been saying the very same thing for about 6 months now. My husband doesn’t understand when I tell him I want “quiet time”, rather than something tangible, for my birthday, christmas etc.
My youngest is 8months (also EBF). Maybe my problem is that I tack on time to sit and consume a hot cup of coffee while I am out. I dont’ even really like coffee, just the idea that some day I will consume a cup while it is hot.

Try tea? :slight_smile: