What I’ve cross stitched

Duno if this is in the right section but this is wha I’ve done.
This is what I cross stitched and happy with it it’s shoto from my hero academia and planning to stitch all my hero academia characters. Or anime characters.

Iam currently started natsu from fairy tail but doing it in wool I Duno if iam doing it right as the stitch iam doing is this : back of aida down 2 holes back through to the back, down 2 holes back through to the front, then back through the hole the first stitch is through so u form a continuous line down, and repeat, if any one knows what stitch that is please let me know
image image

As this is the pick iam doing image as it’s easy to follow as it’s been pixalated If anyone has any pattens to share feel free to message me :slight_smile:

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My daughter loves the anime picture!