What I successfully did today

I hope you all don’t mind me sharing, I am new here and just bursting with excitement about this knitting stuff cloud9

I managed to do a double knit-in join today 4 times for color changes and it actually looks pretty good, still needs work but it will do! I also did the spit-felting trick to join two skeins of the same color and it worked great.

AND I purled! I learned o do this a long time ago but it was long ago enough that I had to look it up again. Whee!

Wowee!! You’ve been busy today!! And this is the perfect place to share that excitement!! :cheering:

I know the feeling, You did good.
Wish I could be there to give you a High five…

Like Mazie said It’s a great feeling getting new (or old) techniques down!

Wow you have been busy! I just have to ask!!!..what is the spit felting method of joining yarn, LOL?

Congrats!!! Keep up the great work! I am also a newbie and I FULLY understand the Oh HOW COOL excitement!! LOL… High Fives your way :slight_smile:


It is the same as the Felted Join. Check out Amy’s video for Basic Techniques. Click on MORE and scroll down a bit.

Congrats! I love that “I did it! I did it!” feeling. You should have seen me when I made my first bobble correctly… my family though I was nuts!