What I really love about knitting

Who knew that knitting could be such a social event? I take my knitting with me wherever I go… but especially love to take it to appointments that I know are going to mean a long wait… like at the lab, where I go for testing…
I sit down, hardly disgruntled at all, because I know what I’m going to be doing for the next little while and that the time, waiting, will just fly by.
Because, I’m not waiting, I’m knitting… usually socks which means 4 dpn’s and me feeling so darned smart! I mean knitting with dp’s is so special and I’m not the only one that thinks so.
I barely get knitting when someone, terribly impatient at the long wait, asks me something - usually, ‘what are you knitting?’ and that’s a great opening line.
And, well, when she’s gone and had her test, someone else always sits down beside me to see what I’m doing. And they usually say - ‘I’d never be able to knit with 4 needles’… to which I explain that I’m actually only knitting with 2… but mostly they don’t get it and I’m some kind a magician!
I admit that most of the time I knit in front of the t.v. in my recliner, the yarn coming from a bowl on the floor beside me and the t.v. blaring where I feel comfortable and industrious at the same time.
No guilt trips for this girl… I’m knitting, and it’s something wonderful and soft and wearable… :slight_smile:
So that’s what I really like about knitting… it’s great as an introductory tool and also for being alone, but not lonely, in my own home, in my own living room, contented.
TEMA :knitting:

Yeah…it’s just like that!

my goal is to have EVER_YONE on the bus to work knitting.
so far, I’ve only seen one other woman working on a very elegant shawl, while I worked on socks.
it sparks lots of conversations, which is always fun.

and it does make waiting time into useful knitting time. I was annoyed at the hospital last week, when they were ready for me RIGHT ON TIME. I mean, who DOES that anymore? I barely had time to sit down, pull out my sock, when they called me in. Not ONE stitch done!!!

the nerve. :smiley:

Yesterday I had an appointment for lab work. Got out the stole that I work on ONLY when waiting for appointments. I barely got started and there she was, ready for me. I thought How Dare She? But she redeemed herself when she was nice enough to let me finish my row.

Yep, I take my knitting for doc appointments, my kid’s soccer practices, pretty much anywhere where I’ll be bored. lol:knitting:

this nonsense of everyone suddenly being on time has got to stop.
I’ts seriously cutting into waiting-room knitting time.

I might have to go to my Dr. appointment early. :smiley: