What I like most about Christmas--a song?

OK, so my DS is in a Christmas pageant at school and the teacher sent home this sheet music that he is supposed to learn at home to help them practice at school. He is sort of borderline ADD so it’s really hard for him with 75 kids to pay attention to what the teacher is trying to teach him in the first place, but I digress.

The song is “What I like most about Christmas” by James Dunn and the lyrics go like this:

What I like most about Christmas,
it’s hard to pick one thing.
What I like most about Christmas,
is the hope that Jesus brings.


I have looked EVERYWHERE for this song and I don’t read music and he has no idea what it sounds like (he’s 5) and I’m really stuck. I need to help him learn it but I don’t know it at all!!

Can anyone help? If you have it on a CD, what’s the title so I can go out and get it? I’ve looked on i-tunes and it’s not there and I looked on you tube and got something I definitely didn’t want my son watching.

Thanks so much!!

I hate to ask you to do this, but is there a refrain, or a repeated part to the lyrics? I’m a music teacher (yay!) so I might be able to find it at school. If you have a scanner, you could also PM me the picture, and that would help.


Thanks so much! That is pretty much the whole song. It just repeats that line twice and the second time has a different ending. I’ll PM you the sheet music though.

If you can find it on some CD somewhere I’d be eternally grateful!


I don’t think I ever heard that song!! But I certainly like the words!! I love Christmas music. I do all my holiday baking with it on in the back ground. It wouldnt’ be Christmas without it.:cheering:

I did find out that this song has never been recorded. It’s really pretty but why my son’s teacher chose a song to have us practice at home that none of us have ever heard is a mystery! I finally went to a rehearsal to hear it for myself and now we are able to practice it at home.