What I just found

I think it will be a scarf!

A scarf for me, right? :heart:

Absolutely… :rofl:

Im imagining you in a big Johnny Carson psychic hat…holding the yarn to your forhead, guessing what it is gonna be.

If I was a thin, skinny, young thing, I know it would be some sort of body stocking because it is so stinking soft I can only imagine how it would feel…

pat the psychic…

oooooo… pretty! :inlove:
me luv da yarn! :heart: :heart:

pretty! I’ve never seen that brand before. Source please? :slight_smile:

You can still make a soft body stocking–just get more yarn and don’t wear it in public. :lol:

:roflhard: I :heart: it…good plan!

Ooooh you could still wear it in public… just make sure it is either a state fair or amusement park. Aparently the laws of physics (and good taste) do not apply at either places.

I bought that yarn at a craft store here in Tacoma, it’s not a chain type craft store though. The brand is Sullivan, and it’s from Australia. They have a website, Sullivans.net, although when I went to look at it, I don’t think they sell off it, but I think they had a link for places it is sold.

I’m telling you, this stuff is so soft…it is called Soft Opulence, and the name fits it. And if I were to make a body stocking, it would take more yarn than I could think of!


Thanks for the info. I’ll have to see if anyone in my area or online sells it.