What? I hope this is a typo

Even with free shipping the price seems a tad high. Maybe they forgot to mention the gold and diamond thread they are woven with. :think:

Well it does say “oversized”…

For that they should rub my feet and make me tea.

:roflhard: Man, it better come with maid service for at least 5 years too!

But hey, at least the shipping is free :teehee:

I think its the embroidery that made it worth and extra couple of zeros :roflhard:

How ‘oversized’ does a teatowel have to be to be worth that!!!

[I]I [/I]know what [I]I’m [/I]asking for for Christmas.

It must put away the dishes, too.:think:

Didn’t you see! It’s been marked down from $5000.00

It’s got to be a great deal then, Right?

I’m all about the luxury fibers but this is ridiculous. What kind of thread did they use for the embroidery?


I think it was spun by elves in an enchanted forest. That can really jack up the price on a simple tea towel.

From unicorn farts and pixie dust?

That’s funny. I found the same price for the Calphalon Kitchen Essentials 6-cup non-stick cupcake pans with silicone liners when doing a search thru PayPal. I have one that I love and wanted another, but Target was no longer carrying them. Fortunately, they were available on Amazon for $8.99 so I purchased 3 - 2 for my DD and the extra one for me. Now I can tell DD that she has a $10,000 Christmas gift, LOL. I don’t care about the silicone liners, but the pan is WONDERFUL.

maybe Jesus made them :shrug:

I’d pay that for his craftsmanship.

holey moley!! that’s a bit out of my price range :teehee: