What have you learned from History?

If you don’t learn from history it will repeat itself, and it seems Sydney hasn’t learned. Modern Day Trojan Horse

That is so funny!

The first, is never get involved in a land war in Asia.

The other, and only slightly less well known is, never go head to head with a Sicilian when death is on the line!


That was actually really funny. :rofl:

LMAO That was so funny!!

Stiney you just made my day!!:roflhard:

I’ve been craving watching that movie all summer, and my box is sitting in a box in my mother’s house, 250 miles away. :waah:

:roflhard: too funny!:chair:

I love that movie. I knew my hubby was dateable the first time I walked into his apartment and saw that he had it on DVD and VHS. It won’t completely fix your craving, but you could try watching Stardust. It doesn’t have Indigo, but it is pretty darn funny.

HA! very clever. and the end was very funny.

Feel sorry for us Sydneysiders with what we are going through because of the APEC conference. Even Bush decided to apologise to the people of Sydney! Train stations will close for days, the Opera House closes, air space is heavily demarked across the city, half of our CBD is on lockout, all those business have to completely alter trading and business process to accommodate, poor zoo animals are being hauled across to an island in our harbour for the ‘spouses’ to look at rather than risking their presence at our zoo…it goes on and on.

That program the vid came from is a satire on News (Chaser War on Everything). They do some very naughty things - some I disagree with - but it did show how lax most security is when something novel appears. I can guarantee heads would have rolled over that. I wonder when it was filmed though also. I doubt it was very recent.

BUT, own a fancy car and boy you can make some wonderful dollars this month if a chosen APEC driver. I won’t tell you how much one young man is getting. But it’s worth a drool :slight_smile: Then again, it shows the obscene amounts spent on these junkets.

too many bureaucrats aren’t good for anyone!!! I bet the city will be in chaos.

Australia is our dream vacation- someday we will get to see your beautiful country in person!

[FONT=&quot]I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. I thought the video was funny because I could easily imagine that happening near me (despite the 9/11 increases in security). I’ve been to Sydney and loved it. My hubby and I have talked several times about moving there or to New Zealand.[/FONT]

I wasn’t offended at all. What did I say to suggest that?

I do have a wee issue at times with the Chaser guys because, ok, an example, they set up outside a football match and were selling (fake?) knuckle dusters etc. They wound up in court over in and got off. So, they do push the envelope at times but I thought the horse a classic example of how people can get away with things if they look appropriate for the setting. I’ve been into a tv station carpark here twice in the past few months and was not able to get past the boom until my name was checked on their formal list etc. And yet was a ruddy great horse that was allowed straight it - even though the guard saw it wasn’t on the list. However, it LOOKED legitimate.

Maybe it’s a cultural perspective but here we’d be more bemused about that vid and would then comment on security issues. It’s not the sort of vid we would roll around laughing over. In fact the only thing I’ve seen here that I do think most of my countrymen and women would really laugh over was the Richard Simmons one. Don’t get me wrong, we have a great sense of humour, but we generally will look beyond the moment at something that needs to be fixed!

And re APEC. Well, it is the asia/pacific forum and because of terrorism it will always be stepped up now. But the Bush presence does add significant layers. Gore’s visit impacted enough at the time let alone this. I think most people I know are seeing it as pain but…whatcanyado? Anyone I know who works in the CBD in say IT or marketing etc is working from home from Wednesday on and just avoiding the city entirely.

I do feel for you guys - my brother lives in Sydney and its going to cause havoc to his working days!

You are lucky tho - you live in my favourite city in the world =D If only I could hit enough points on the immigration documents I’d be there sigh My parents should have taken the £10 junket to Aus. Dad decided it was too far from Ireland grrr!

I see someone other than myself can quote from “The Princess Bride”! :teehee:

“Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha”… Klunk!

I :heart: that movie! It’s my favorite of all time!

For those of you who love the movie, make sure you read the book, it’s even better!!!

:roflhard: That was awesome!

I agree, The book and movie are both awesome!

well mulene…I didn’t know until yesterday about this quasi obscene wall going up in the city. 2.8m high of cement and wire to basically wall off all these powers and allow them the run of the opera house etc. They are predicting mass protests now…well…is that a surprise?

Went to dinner last night and waiter was Irish. Lovely person and a whole table hear us were all Irish :slight_smile:

That was hilarious- so then I watched some more, and found this:

Now THAT had me rolling on the floor laughing, hehehe.