What have I gotten myself into?

I was at our homeschool co-op today and one of the moms asked me if I would knit her a pair of socks. She said she would pay me. She just wants a pair of hand knit socks in some funky colors. I told her that I just didn’t have time and that I really don’t knit for other people. (I mean I barely have time to knit all the things I want to knit for myself and my family!) She said, “I just want a pair of simple socks, but funky like your socks.” I said that I hate knitting simple socks. They are boring and that I just didn’t have the energy nor the time right now to knit socks for someone else. So then she asks me if I will teach her to knit them. She has NO knitting experience. Never held needles and she wants her first project to be socks. I suggested doing a simple scarf or hat in the round to learn. Nope. She just wants socks. And then I said OK. :shock: What was I thinking? Has anyone taught someone else to knit starting with a project of socks? I just have no idea where to begin with this. I’ve always taught knitting in a logical orderly fashion.

First tell her to go buy the yarn and needles. That might put her off. Then show her Silver’s sock tutorial and let her see what she’s up against.

And if she insists, tell her that YOU insist she learn the basics first.

Ack! :shock: It would have been easier and quicker to do it yourself! Try Ingrid’s suggestion though!

My question is why did she keep pressuring you after you said no, you didnt have time?

good luck!

:shock: She want’s to try SOCKS first?!?!!?! :shock:

I do agree, try Ingrid’s idea.

Must be something about us homeschoolers! One of my friends from my homeschool group asked me to teach her to knit. She showed up with two circs and sock yarn! I figured if she was game I was. She actually is doing well. We are up to turning the heel & picking up stitches on the gusset.

Thanks everyone. I’ll be seeing her today and I"m going to try Ingrid’s suggestion. I did tell her that I couldn’t do anything until after the first of the year. This isn’t the first time that she has asked me to knit her a pair of socks. The first time I actually laughed out loud and told her she couldn’t pay me enough to knit her socks. She asked what the big deal was and I said, "It’s just tedious going round and round. And it’s true. I love cuffs, heels and toes and could care less aobut legs and feet. Even doing patterns bore me after a while. I’ve only knit for one other person before outside my family and that was for my best friend. Maybe it’s the fingering weight I prefer to knit with. I’ve tried making socks with bigger yarn and don’t like the way they feel. Anything bigger than a US2 needle feels pebbly on the bottoms.

I remember that pair of half-finished socks that sold for 40+ dollars on EBay… :thumbsup:

believe it or not, I did socks first too. Well I practiced on normal yarn doing k/p and then started the socks. taught myself too.
maybe she could buy a manual. I think I got the lion’s teach yourself to knit. of course I also crochet and have other needlework experience so that may have helped.

Do you not have a LYS that offers classes? I agree with Ingrid, show her Silver’s tutorials…or print some of those loooonnnnggg patterns from the socknitters website…the lace one is very long & detailed, :shock: scared me…but, of course, I hope to knit them :wink:
You are a kind hearted person to have agreed to do this :heart: . The reason I asked about the LYS & classes, she could see how much it costs to learn to knit socks & then, the cost of the yarn & the materials & perhaps she will realize that she is asking aLOT more than she realizes.
BUT…I still say…YOU ARE A :heart: SWEETHEART :heart:

How do I say this politely? I don’t like my LYS. I don’t like the owner and try not to go in there because she just angers me. I don’t think she is kindly towards new knitters and if you aren’t knitting but wanting yarn for another purpose (crocheting, weaving, art projects, etc) she will basically ignore you. I can’t figure out how someone can be surrounded by that much luxurious yarn and be so cold and uncaring. :frowning: She also treated my mom, who is one of the nicest people in the world, badly once, so I couldn’t imagine inflicting a new knitter with that. But my friend didn’t show up today, so I’m off for at least another week. I did forward her the tutorial. I’ll see how she responds to that.

I know what you mean about the LYS. We have one up here we try to avoid because the women that own/work there are SO RUDE. We thought maybe they just didn’t like us because we’re 19, but I read some reviews of it on about.com by people that were all treated pretty much the same way. :rollseyes: There’s another one near us with the nicest, friendliest people ever…but they have a way smaller selection, so we’ve been known to cheat on them on occasion. :oops:

I gotta say, I just love my LYS. The ladies there are so incredibly nice, and whenever I bring in my baby Miriam, she gets cooed over and held. (I figure the indoctrination should start YOUNG for future knitters. :smiley: )

Whenever one of the owners holds the baby, she makes her giggle endlessly, and Miriam is generally such a serious little baby that hardly anyone makes her do that. For that reason alone, I love the place. Plus, they’re very welcoming to doggies, too. Last week, someone walked in with their dog (in a knitted coat, of course!), and they had no problem with her being there.

Yarn shops are, with all deference to the dude knitters amongst us, such girlfriend-y places.


There is a pair of slipper socks with the moon and stars on them in the free pattern section here. I am knitting them now and it occurred to me that they would be a quick way (without the color changes) to teach someone to knit socks. She could then go on on her own to knit regular socks.

Really what’s up with the pushiness there? :??

People who don’t knit have little idea of how complicated certain things can be, or how much “good” yarn costs. My first socks (OK – my first sock and a 1/2 :wink: ) cost almost 15 dollars in yarn! I would never buy a pair of $15 socks in the store, but I didn’t hesitate to buy the yarn and supplies when I wanted to learn :D. Your friend is really setting herself up for disappointment – the difficulty of socks aside, simply using very small needles and thin yarn will likely be hard for her. My good friend insisted on following a medium difficulty pattern and using a very small needle and baby yarn when I taught her to crochet – she made it through about 2 rows of a blanket before she quit! (And those two rows took her FOREVER because of the small needle/yarn!)

Maybe you could insist that you only teach using larger needles and worsted weight yarn, and that your students must be able to produce (for homework, of course :wink: ) a swatch demonstrating the mastery of casting on, knitting, purling and casting off. BE FIRM!! (I’m a total pushover, so I love giving the “be firm” advice that I never take myself :smiley: )

I think you should start her off with fuzzy feet from Knitty or Knitting at Knoon’s Family of felted slippers. They are just socks done on huge needles so you can see what you’re doing. Using the big needles and then following Silver’s tutorial where those instructions are not clear, I bet you could teach her. They were one of my first projects.

Well, here’s the update: I’ve decided that I am not going to teach this woman how to knit. It’s a really long story, but she ruined some of my stamp pads today at our homeschool resource day. She didn’t follow directions (only 2: close ink pads and wash stamps between uses) and ruined 2 stamp pads and wasted a ton of embossing powder. She was whining today about how it wasn’t fair that I had fun socks and she didn’t and how I wouldn’t make her a “simple pair of socks.” I finally told her that I just didn’t have time to either make her socks or teach her to make them. If she was really interested in learning to knit socks she could take a class at the LYS (yeah, the one I don’t like :devil: ) and good luck with that. Fortunately, my daughter helped me not feel guilty about turning her down.

Michelle, my dear friend, you have absolutely NO REASON to feel guily! You are such a sweetheart, here u r battling with an easy way to say no & rather than disappoint miss whiny pants u were going to teach her anyway…you have a sweet, sweet spirit! It sounds like you did the right thing in suggesting she take a class and hopefully she will and then she will realize EXACTLY what she’s whining (and a GROWN UP!) about! something that you simply don’t have time to do. No guilt allowed :fingerwag: You are far too nice to feel badly about her :wink:

Thanks, Rebecca. I"m not feeling too guilty as I am enjoying knitting a new pair of socks for moi! :happydance: