What Have I Done?

I have just finished the pattern called Bob at Knitty.com. Here’s the link


You can see that the neck is basically just a rounded jewel neck. Mine is MUCH longer/taller than is shown on the picture. Any ideas what I could have done wrong? I used Cascade Pima Cotton/Silk and YES I did do a gauge swatch. My measurements turned out perfect on the regular knitted part but once I got to the ribbing at the top, it REALLY grew. Is it just the nature of the cotton yarn? Did I read it all wrong? Does ribbing stretch that much? Should I rip ALL the ribbing out & drop to a smaller needle & start over or could I just rip out to the appropriate place for the neckline & bind off? Thanks for any advice.

I really can’t say what happened here without seeing the piece up close and personal. Could be one of many reasons…