What happens to the last P1?

Knitting a Spiral Hat (circular needles) K2P2. Pattern every 4th row move marker 1 St to right. finishing 4th row K2P1 sl St to right needle move marker 1 st right (which would be onto right needle then sl st back to left needle.

I have really tried to get my head around this my fellow knitters however, If I do this I still have that sl St to work and it’s a pearl. The pattern says to repeat in pattern rows 1-4 so my 1st 2 St should be Knits…

I am fairly new to knitting and this has me quite frustrated.

Also I forgot to thank those that replied on my earlier post so thanks so much


Knit the stitch that was slipped and start your k2, p2 at this point. When you get back to working this row again you’ll move the marker again and your rib pattern will be moved one stitch more. Essentially for the pattern purpose you’re moving the beginning of the round back a stitch. As you repeat this progression you’ll get the spiral rib. Can you give us a link to your pattern or is it a paid one?

That’s almost going to do it. You need to knit that pesky purl stitch and then [I]k1[/I], p2, k2, p2 etc. The k2p2 rib is going to shift over one stitch on the new round in order to make the spiral. If you don’t do this you’ll have a hat in straight k2p2 rib which is lovely but not a spiral.

Thank you got it now

That’s it thanks so much!!! so glad I came across this site. Who knows I may be able to help others down the line!!!

Count on it, you will be able to help others and it really feels good!