What Happens If You Put Rondo In Dryer?

[color=darkred][b]I bought some Rondo 30 wool/70 acrylic to do a blanket for a dog that my girlfriend’s friend has rescued … he is a large boy, a Dogue de Bordeaux, 85 lbs but should be 140 … she is in need of blankets so she was thrilled when my girlfriend said I offered to knit a couple and if I can, get my daughter to knit one too … the Rondo says machine wash but because my knowledge of the Swedish language is not very proficient I had to look it up on the internet to see what the legend meant … it’s machine wash but lay flat to dry … when I bought the wool I asked if it was washable and was told it was … however I neglected stupidly to ask about the machine drying.

What would happen if you put it in the dryer? If it will mat up and ruin I would rather start another blanket for the dog rather than spend all the time on this one as I know she’d prefer washable/dryable … thanks …


It will probably shrink or felt.I wouldn’t use it for dog blanket :shrug:

That’s what I thought … it would have been a really big size too because I’m using 9 needles and 123 stitches … I’m only on row 6 so I’ll return the other three balls I bought and start on something washable and dryable. Thanks!


No problem.It would be a shame to go to all that work and have it come out of the dryer looking like cup coaster :roflhard:

OHHH now that would be bad!!! Ok if it was for a teacup poodle. :teehee:


I don’t know if it would felt because it is machine washable - the agitation of machine washing would cause it to felt if it was going to. Also the acrylic content is very high which also leads me to double whether it would felt. Couldn’t you ask the ladies at the store you bought it from?

Laying flat to dry isn’t so bad either - probably wouldn’t take very long to dry due to the 70% acrylic.

I’m not sure if this is the same thing, but it appears so. If it is the info given on this website says it can be machine washed. Something that is only 30% wool usually will not felt well. Acrylic will not felt at all.


Why don’t you knit up a swatch and wash it and maybe even dry it and see how it handles it.

I bet the dryer would shrink it up though :roflhard:

I could do up a swatch and wash it and dry it … a good idea … if it shrank it wouldn’t be so bad because the blanket seems like it’s going to be very big … 123 st on size 9mm needles … or I could knit up the blanket and wash it and dry it and see how it came out … if it was too small I wouldn’t send it … at least it would be practise if nothing else (considering I haven’t finished a THING yet!!) :??

Jan, that is the same page I went to to find out what I could do with it …


Encore doesn’t shrink in the dryer and it’s 25% wool and 75% acrylic, which is pretty close.