What happened to the Off Topic forum?

I guess it’s gone? The Off Topic category. Hm. I need it.

It’s been gone for a month or so. :teehee: Sheldon decided to simplify things a bit. You can put off topic posts in the General Forum now, but just add an OT to the title.

The OT category is gone but I rather like this new system. By simply putting “OT:” in front of your post and putting it in the general knitting category, you get much more hits,replies and participation.

Oh Thanks Jan! Yes, I think I’ll like it too… sometimes I couldn’t decide where to post (knitting and thinking and problems all seem to be related some days) :wink:

I was confused for a second! I thought I was going crazy :teehee:

Yes, I got rid of it, but apparently I must have locked Mason in when I turned the lights off. He’s been missing ever since. :mrgreen:

He posted a couple days ago, can’t remember if it was an OT thread or not…

Where can you find archives to the OT thread? There’s one in particular I’m looking for, and I can’t find it anywhere - not even by going to people I know that posted there and looking for their previous posts…

He’s escaped!! I saw a post from him dated 02/12/10. It’s a response to a question that Trvvn5 asked about a job interview. It was good to “hear” from him!

Thought he’d entered the witness protection program or something!

I don’t think there is one. Older posts may have been deleted, but I’m not sure. What are you looking for?

Wanted to see the one on e-cigs and how everyone was doing with them.

Why don’t you start a new OT thread in the General forum? That’s likely to get more notice there, which is why OT was combined into it.


Not to fret; he found his way out and posted tonight.