What happened to my stitches?

Hello, new to the group, but wanted to pose this question…

I’m working a basic stockinette guage swatch (yes! I do them!) and my stitches look a bit odd. I’m right handed using the English method and the left side of my stitch is straight up and down while the right side is giving me the expected ‘heart-shaped’ stitch. I’ve tried to vary the needle size from 6 to 8 (6 was recommended), but with the same essential result.

Is my tenstion too tight? Is it just the type of yarn I’m using (Lion Brand Micro-Spun (100% acrylic microfibre?) Is it the needles - Brittany Birch?

I tried to take a photo of my result, but it’s black yarn and the detail won’t show up no matter how much I change the lighting.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a simimlar experience and I should just chill or change something.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

It’s not you. It’s just the twist of the yarn. Some yarns make the stitches come out like little checks (or backward checks) instead of little Vs (or hearts, as you called them).

I appreciate the affirmation that it’s the yarn and not me…Thanks so much. What you wrote makes sense…this yarn is more stranded with a very loose twist…so I’ll live with the checks! It’s not unappealing at all, just not what I’m used to. I usually knit in wool or alpaca ( I just love Misti Alpaca Baby Royal!) worsted, which has a nice tight twist…

Thanks so much for your response.

looooooooooooooook we have another booooooooooy in our midst! That is wonderful because some of our boys have been neglecting us lately! :tap: