What happened to Eunny Jang?

Hi all

anyone know what happened to Eunny ? i went to her website and the last post was December 2006 ?

i wonder what had happened to her… wonder she is busy with her project ?


I think she’s probably just really busy. She’s disappeared for long periods of time before.

I know, I miss her!
I check back all the time…

me too i am a huge fan of her work 1

She’s baaaaack!

No text but tons of pics just posted. My oh my she’s been busy!

Linky. :wink:

i found out that she is publishing her own knitting book soon

i read that in one of the knitting magazine that interview her !!!

i cannot wait to see that …another book is coming out 2008 i think !!!

ya yay ayaaaaaaaaa :cheering:

woo hoo!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

you guys know she’s responsible for that AWESOME enterlac socks pattern in the new IK, right? Check it out, it’s the first under the projects section…

I can’t wait for the book either…

I’ve been wondering when she would have a book! That’s awesome!

yes yes … i bought the magazine and cannot wait to start on that…but i got so many unfinished stuff right now on the needles !!! :wall: