What gauge to use for ribbing?

Hi, I’m a beginner and have probably a beginner’s question.

I’m knitting a hat with a yarn that requires 4mm needles. I would like the base of the hat to be ribbed (k2p2) and was told that I’ll probably need a smaller size needle for the ribbed part. Is this true? If so, what size needles would I need? Is there a rule for this?

Thanks for your help in advance!

In my experience, you generally go down two needle sizes.

Thanks very much!

I think that’s 3.25mm in the case of 4mm if you are using DK. From experience it used to be old British sizes 8 and 10 for knitting in DK which is now 3.25mm and 4mm. Just in case you tried 2mm!

That’s great Lucy,

I already have 3.25mms, that means I can save some money. :cheering: