What fishing & knitting have in common

…apparently the need to organize!

I was looking at reviews about knitting tools on Knitter’s Review and came across an article on there about using soft tackle binder bags to organize circular needles:

So I went to the Pro Bass Website and found the link to all the soft tackle bags they offer. So many of them would make fantastic knitting/crafts tool/accessory organizers!

These ones seemed to have the most potential…

Bass Pro Shop Brand:
-Finesse Binder Bag
-Spinnerbait Binder
-Tackle Binder

Browing Brand:

  • Fishing Binder
  • Fishing Worm Binders
  • Fishing Spinnerbait Binders

Anyone using a soft tackle bag to organize their tools?

If I do end up buying the Options interchangeable circular needle set I think these would organize all the bits very well.

:rofl: Last summer I thought dad’s tackle box would be nice to keep my things organized in too…mom told me that a lot of quilters use them and those who do a lot of hand work…she thought of getting one to take on her quilting retreats :rofl:

My friend had one of those. I thought it was worthless for fishing. Too much junk to get hooks snagged on and odors soaked into.

But for circulars a spinnerbait or worm binder would probably be the ticket. That may also be a good idea for DPNs.

I find anything designed to organize lots of smallish items works well. I use an old laptop briefcase at home to hold a few patterns and all the paraphenalia I use for current projects. I have a Kennedy machinist’s tool box for all my needles and assorted tools for knitting and crocheting that lives in the office closet. I also have a nylon lunch box to carry my current project on the road to knit while out and about.

Yep, I use a tackle box with trays to organize markers, row counters, yarn needles, cable needles, scissors, stitch holders, etc. Works terrific!

but he won’t give up his tackle boxes-they’re all full!


I really like that idea! :yay: I have a small organizational box for all the tiny pieces, but those circulars seem to have a life of their own in the bottom of my knitting bag.

Fishing tackle boxes are great for this! I put my cable needles, row counters, point protectors, scissors, yarn needles-even crochet needles- and stitch markers in one. Its wonderful for this purpose.

I also use tackle boxes in my sewing room, for sewing machine presser feet, and other miscellaneous notions.

My love of these tackle boxes started way back in art school, when I used them for my art supplies. They were a cheap alternative to the ones made especially for art supplies-but were essentially the same things :mrgreen:

I recently bought some dollar store pencil bags for my circs, but I don’t really like them that well for it. They work, but it’s hard to label them and I find them a bit of a pain to use for that reason.

Wow, I like the binder bags! I would definitely check out one of those if I were looking for something else. (I’m happy with the KnitPicks binder for the moment.)

I ran across these needle holders at my LYS yesterday… I had not heard of them before. They’re sized to fit the standard letter-sized three-ring binder.

Thanks for that link! I love that the dpn holder is already labeled and that both of the circs and dpns are three ring binder ready! I have a dedicated knitting binder that holds all the patterns that I have bought and downloaded, as well as any knitting notes from specific projects. Those would be perfect to slip in there! :slight_smile: