What exactly does this mean?

I’m working on a pair of booties. The pattern says, “…with the same needle pick up and knit 28 stitches…Take your second needle and with it pick up and knit 29 stitches…” Does this I’m supposed to pick up and knit each stitch in the same round or I’m supposed to pick up all those stitches and then knit them with the next round? TIA

The way I understand it, “pick up and knit” simply means pick up.

I could be wrong but that’s the way I’ve understood it on the video here,
“Picking Up Stitches
[B]Also known as “Picking up stitches and knitting”[/B]”.

The above mentioned video is toward the bottom of this page:

It means you will “pick-up” or make stitches where there were none. Not to worry, though, it’s easy to do!

Ok, thanks. That’s what I thought it was at first. I’ve picked up stitches before. I just don’t recall ever seeing it written like that so I overthought it and confused myself.