What exactly do I need?

So I’m starting from scratch. Tomorrow I’m going to pick up some knitting needles and wool and I’m going to watch the videos and try to figure things out. I can knit and purl and that’s about it. What else do I need to get started? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Patience!!! :slight_smile: And a gauge checker or at least a tape measure or even a ruler.

Congrats on your new lifestyle! No, not hobby, lifestyle I say!

I recommend getting some soft worsted yarn that’s easy to knit with. Some of the super cheap ones are so rough it makes it unpleasant.

Most important besides yarn are needles (size 8-10 or so). That’s all you really need to learn, but if you want to get extras - stitch markers, needle gauge, scissors, tape measure… :thinking:

Here’s another site I recommend because you can print out the directions. It helped me a lot when I was starting out.
Lion Brand - Learn to knit

Yes, just ignore Red Heart! This is what happened when I decided to use THAT STUFF for buttonhole practice the other day…

The stuff doesn’t budge and I was having to press very hard to push the needle back.

And since you are just learning, maybe bamboo needles instead of metal. The metal needles have their place, but they are awfully slippery and the stitches can jump off for a beginner.

If you can find it, Patons makes a Classic Merino Wool that is worsted weight. I prefer a natural fiber to a synthetic when possible. (But don’t get cotton for your first project–it doesn’t stretch.) If you use the wool, when you are finished, you could felt the project and cut it to use as decorations on future projects.

I second the recommendation for Patons Classic Merino - if you have a Michaels near you, they have 40% off coupons almost every week. You can print those off from your computer. www.michaels.com

When you see the pretty colors of Lionbrand Homespun—don’t be sucked in!!! It’s awful, especially for a beginner. Their other yarns are perfectly fine, though.

I 3rd the Classic Merino, and get it in Aran if you can because it not just soft but it’s also very forgiving and springy.

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Nadja xxx

Maybe your tension is too tight? I used to knit with mostly Red Heart until I started up again 2 years ago, and I never had that problem. Some of their yarns are very soft, btw, even softer than Paton’s Classic Merino.


If you click on the “getting started” tab above, you’ll find tips from Amy for your first project. She recommends US 10.5 needles, and that sounds about right to me. I started with US 7 and wish I had gotten larger ones. Your first project will go much faster if you use a (relatively) thick yarn with large needles. The recommended needle size for a particular yarn will usually be shown on the ball band. Definitely go for wool rather than acrylic – it’ll be springier, which will help keep your tension even. Choose a light color so you can see your stitches easily. Good luck! :muah:

Ingrid wrote: [/quote]When you see the pretty colors of Lionbrand Homespun—don’t be sucked in!!! It’s awful, especially for a beginner. Their other yarns are perfectly fine, though.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Once in every knitter’s life they have to do the Lion Homespun battle.

god I suck at putting these things in the right way.

The quote should be ingrid’s; the hysterical laugh and comment is mine.

The other yarn to stay away from in the beginning is novelty types, FunFur, Eyelash, Fancy Fur, Funfetti, etc. When you are learning to knit, these can make it very difficult to see your stitches. I also recommend the Patons Classic Merino, you can see the stitches pretty well but when you buy it, stay away from the dark colors.

Make sure you have all the patience you can spare and maybe some uninterrupted time to concentrate. Have fun!

I always like to practice on Caron Simply soft. Oh be sure to get a light color so you can see the stitches, dark colors can be hard to see.

I would also get a tapestry needle so that you can weave in the ends.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t expect so many replies. I can’t wait to get started! I just have to wait for hubby to get home. I was going to go to Walmart since it’s just down the street but I think I’ll go to Michael’s instead. Thanks again!

Hooray!! I took my 2 girls to Michael’s tonight and got everything I need to get started. I cannot wait to get started.

Yeah!!! You’re on your way to experiencing delusional happiness like the rest of us!! :cheering:

oooooh! watcha get? watcha get? ~leans in eagerly~


Well, let’s see. I got two balls of wool…one light pink and one yellow. Size 10 bamboo knitting needles. Those were a challenge, let me tell you. The sizing in Canada is different than in the States. Size 10 are 6mm. Anyway, finally got that sorted out.
I bought a beginners kit that has 2 sets of needles, a knitting guage, a “how-to” book, knit tally, cable stitch needle, stitch holder, tapestry yarn needles, package 1/4" cabone rings (?), and point protectors. I don’t know what it’s all for but I figure I’ll learn eventually. :thinking:

very good choices! u kinda got me stumped with the “knit tally” and “cabone rings” though :??