What ever next

I found this on another site,who would knit it and wear it?not me,what next will we be able to knit, yorkshire puddings?


Count this gal out for sure!! :lol: OMG - that is just nasty, suitable for halloween and that’s it! (IMHO ;))

I would knit it if it were a potholder.

well i don’t see why you couldn’t make it as a pot holder. especially the bag part. you are just making a couple of circles and stitching knitted eggs and stuff on them.

considering it is a bag/hat full of foods i refuse to eat though i think it would look odd in my kitchen!..lol…and on my head for that matter! :wink:

Not even suitable for halloween,frighten everyone,they wont open
the doors,i think it is awful,but had to put it on to see what you
ladies thought.
:XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

It belongs in the knitting hall of infamy with those hideous 60s ski masks! :shock: But nothing could be quite as hideous as those ski masks, not even acrylic bacon.

that would be so great for a prank gift… lol