What else do you guys do besides knit?

I knit, write, make jewelry (mostly earrings, but I do necklaces as well), write, and work in a theatre. It’s a surprise I have time for any of it!


I’ve tried all the crafts except spinning, owned a pattern design company for about 7 yrs traveling to quilt shows & sewing venues. I even have a Knit Wit tool from the 70’s in my stash.:wink: Lucky for me because a friend saw the scarf in Martha Stewart Living & wants one. See it pays to never get rid of anything.:teehee:

I’m finally learning to play the guitar after 44 yrs of being married to a guitar player & I play a little piano & flute.

Most of my time is taken up with my 7 yr old grandson - volunteering in his class with reading help - also being room-gramma since all the mom’s work. It’s a really great part of my week.

I have a Golden Retriever that takes up a lot of my spare time - do you understand “Needy Dog”.

When the weather’s better I garden - we prefer organic. We also have nearly 200 pecan trees & right now spend every minute picking up the falling pecans - at least the ones the crows & squirrels don’t carry away.

I guess I stay pretty busy. Just wish I had more time to finish all the things I wanted to finish for Christmas this year.

I am REALLY glad there are other hoarders out there…

I like everything but not everything likes me. I was taught, a little, to crochet as a kid but nothing more than straight stitches, sc, hdc, dc were fine but no chevron or stuff like that. I’ve done a lot of cross-stitching of which I have LOTS of thread, patterns and aida cloth, etc… Scrapbooking, stamping, photography, sewing, and knitting along with crocheting and cross-stitching all have a home in my house. I also LOVE to read and workout 6x a week. I have become a workout junky to some degree (I’m in training for 2 Triathlons in May).

I did try to sell some of cross-stitching patterns and cloth in my garage sale but had no takers, which means I took as a sign it wasn’t meant to leave my house yet. I always go back to one of my other obsessions at some point or hope my kids want to use it. My dd does all of the same things and me but also writes poetry and draws. She wants to be a tattoo artist but has to wait until she’s 18. My son can do most of these same things but won’t - except sew, which he learned in school this year.

I’m glad I have these things in the house as they will never go “bad” if taken care of properly. Oh, and I love my techy stuff too.


I sew…alot. I really debated taking up teaching myself to learn to knit, because of the possibility that it might interfere with my sewing, but I find that when I sit in the chair in front of the television, I can be knitting when I can’t be sewing.

Wow, there are a lot of talented and crafty folks here!

Currently my main hobby is knitting. I’m thrilled to say I have a hobby such as knitting because for a long time I did not. I think of knitting as a hobby just for me because essentially I figured it out all by myself…meaning prior to knitting did not have friends who knitted and no one in my family knits.

I remember desperately wanting a hobby when I was in my young teens, something special I could [I]do[/I]. But I didn’t have one. My family wasn’t into hobbies that involve making things other than the occasional project here and there and my mom sewed some. Hobbies in my childhood home tended to be reading and collecting…I once had a huge Piggy bank collection. Around the time I was desperate for a hobby a neighbor taught me to latch hook and then I learned a bit of needle point but it didn’t stick. I can sew and occasionally work on sewing project. Before I took up knitting my main hobby was reading and still is a most favorite activity. Sometimes I write stories for friends. While reading is fun there is no creative outlet, no [I]doing[/I] on my part. I tried to write a bit so I could be the creator. My writing has slowed a lot now that I knit because I have a new avenue of being creative. I also occasionally ride a bike or walk; I try to exercise because it is good for me but I don’t like it and can never find any redeeming qualities in exercise, other than it being a healthy activity.

The rest of the time I’m busy with work and life and just happy that now my hobby is knitting.

NO, absolutely not! You are definitely not alone in this fact lol. I pretty much take on every craft that I see:teehee: Aside from knitting… I dye yarn, crochet a little, sew(machine & hand), make patchwork quilts,cross stitch/embroider, make jewelry or stitch markers, scrapbook, make things with polymer clay, dabble in photography & pottery/ceramics in elective classes at my college( I am in my senior year and needed some electives), paint, upcycle things, and I am currently learning to spin my own yarn on a cute old fashioned wheel I bought for $25 and fixed up over time. There is probably a ton more crafts that I do that I cannot think of lol;) Problem is I spend so much time planning out a project to the point of perfection and due to this fact, paired with a rheumatoid condition and that there are so many crafts on the table I rarely actually complete anything:aww: but I can honestly say that I enjoy every minute of my time crafting… whether its planning or executing the plan lol:teehee: Oh and I also am very frugal and am always saying things like
"Oh I bet that I can make that"…as if I need more to do:roflhard: :rofl: :eyes: :lol:

UPDATE I read this post to my fiance as I was laughing aloud and he wanted to know why …he told me this post is proof that I am a “Craft Whore” LOL

hmm,let’s see. I work with dogs,I am doing a lot of school work because I am wanting to go to vet school when I graduate(there is no knitting in that,but oh well),I play piano and clarinette.