What else do you guys do besides knit?

I picked up knitting because I am absolutely addicted to picking up crafts and hobbies.I collect them, and I must admit, at times I have gone too far.

I mainly draw(graphite) and sew/design. I’ve picked up a lot of random crafts over my 19 years of being alive. I guess most of it has come about because of my being raised by a penny pincher though. I always see things that I like and I think “This is nice…but I bet I could make it for 5 bucks cheaper!”

Aside from those crafts, I also crochet, do origami, make random cardboard and paper crafts(last FO was a recipe box), I do makeup(glam, pinup and wedding), I refinish/refurbish thrift store finds for my house(this is more specific to the objects I find, so with new items,I have to learn new techniques), I made duc tape purses,messenger bags and wallets for a while; and in a few days, I will be making my first piece of furniture, a new queen sized platform bed for myself and the bf.I designed it so that the slats will come off in one piece and make room for 4 40 gallon storage bins plus there is a shelf for shoe storage which is not concealed by the mattress.Note: I am not even including the other time consuming hobbies that are not craft related, like playing instruments.

Am I the only hoarder on here?I always wonder what dozens of other crafts other people pick up. I am honestly surprised I have any time for friends.It seems that I can only squeeze in time for actually CREATING the things I think of between the time it takes to plan them out.

Oh boy…I’m way older than you are. :lol: I have crocheted and did a bit of embroidery, but I haven’t really done much of that in years. I also used to sew both hand and machine. Now, I mostly read when I’m not knitting.

I’m also pretty neat and not a hoarder. My DH would go nuts. :teehee:

I knit, sew costumes, quilt, make little felt animals for my kids, I make reborn babies, I sew clothing, I do graphic design, cross stitch, embroider, and I make memory boxes to donate to the local hospital

I’m not really a hoarder. I do collect thing, but I keep them pretty organized lol. My reborn baby supplies are the ones that are most disorganized

In between my knitting and crocheting, I find time to squeeze in sewing, quilting, embroidery, needlepoint, crewel, rug hooking, and a few crafts I don’t do anymore as I lost interest in them and will not mention them. I do spend time reading science fiction fantasy, novels, mysteries, listening to music while I read, watch a bit of tv while working on other things and most important I SPEND TIME WITH MY CHILDREN AND FIVE CATS!!!:x:

I did a lot of sewing thru the 70’s and 80’s. Learned to knit and crochet in the 70’s too. Set aside my sewing machine in 1991 when my son was born and my sewing room became his bedroom. Pretty much stopped knitting/crochet and became a cross stitch fanatic thru the 80’s/90’s. Picked up knitting again about 5 yrs ago.

I still get out my sewing machine from time to time. I’m working on destashing the cross stitch stash via craigslist, hoping to only keep a few supplies.

NO YOUR ARE CERTAINLY NOT THE ONLY “HOARDER” HERE…I inherited tons of stuff…knit, crochet, tatting, broomstick lace, beads, quilt, embroidery, sewing, jiffy loom,cloud9 etc etc…the last 5 years I haven’t “worked” (SAHM) umm, (by adoption), so I have tried to sqeeze/ learn all these crafts in the last few years…I also LOVE refinishing tag sale finds…The only drawback for me is my flower gardens/veg garden has really suffered:sad: but my fav is knitting for charity, that always comes first…:hug: Right now I have 5 WIPS

Glad I’m not the only one who has a several things going!

I also crochet, have gotten back into sewing a bit, bought a new serger, and have recently purchased a new embroidery machine.

One thing I haven’t figured out is how to embroider on knitted or crocheted items. One option is to attach appliques. Has anyone tried this?

Between knitting, playing the flute in the semi-pro symphonic band and playing video games I don’t have much time (or money!!) for other hobbies ;o)

I’ve sewn for a living since I was 17, so I don’t do it much for fun, and my various stashes of fabric, beads, jewelry making supplies, home decor items, etc. all count more as supplies for work than they do for hobbies…or so I tell the tax man, anyway. I play Irish trad music on the fiddle. I read a lot. I mainly stress about immigration issues and business stuff these days…

My craft hoarding started recently…I’ve crocheted for years, dabbled in jewlery making, sewing (majored in theater and LOOOOOOVEd the costume shop), more recently I’ve learned to tat, playing w/ the french knitting thing, and last week learned to knit. I also play w/ bobbin lace (getting a pillow for xmas or bday), crossstiched for a while when i was younger…I play civil war and much of this goes also w/ that :aww:

i am a big hobby person but not so much crafty…

im a singer song writer and i play guitar…
i LOOOOVEEE reading.
video games.
and i also consider message boards as a sort of hobby… :slight_smile:

I am a professional model stitcher, am addicted to video games, crochet, quilt, oh, and did I mention video games?

so you play zelda at all? i even got the triforce tattoo

I scuba dive, ride my bike every night while my dog runs beside me, and I love to read. A Kindle is on my list for Santa this year. I’ve tried and tried to sew, but no luck. Right now, DH and I have decided to downsize, so we’re painting our ENTIRE house inside, I’m ripping up the baseboards/quarter round and just generally trying to get it ready to sell. We’re hoping to find some land and a smaller place so I can retire in peace with no house payment hanging over our heads.

oh i got the kindle for a birthday present this year and i LOOOVE it… i am currently reading a series that just happens to not be available for the kindle so i havent picked it up in the past couple of weeks but i looove it… it was the best present (other than chevelle tickets haha)

I just learned to spin! That and read alot.

The flute! I love the flute. Always wanted to play it. I tried in grade school but I was told I didn’t have the mouth for it. I went on to play the clarinet and oboe instead, but hated it so eventually dropped it. So my daughter started playing an instrument last year. She started with the flute. I bought her one - not rented, bought. She ended up switching to the violin. Now I OWN a flute but I still can’t play it. I tried, but I can’t get the right kind of “noise” to come out of it!

I play piano, so at least I have that!

I knit. That’s about it for crafts for me right now. I used to cross stitch. I work full time and have 2 kids, one of whom is in ballet 3 to 4 days a week, so my free time is limited. I like to read and I work out, so I usually have to choose between knitting, reading, or working out.

I take pictures and I’m learning to ride. In the warmer weather, I’m at the barn at least 3 times a week. In the cold, just once.

But I take pictures most of the time and then blog about them cause I like to write.

Well, I’ve done some kind of craft(s) all my life. My mom taught me to crochet and sew when I was really little. I started cross stitching as a teen and that stuck for a long time - in between all kinds of other crafts. At this point in my life, though, I still stamp and scrapbook, love to create my own jewelry, read, play with photography and sew just a bit. I tend to knit more than anything else but these are my other current hobbies.

cool tattoo! You gonna colour put in it?