What ELSE do you do

other than knit?

now that spring is coming, its time to think about getting off my oversized seat cushion :roll: get outside for some excercise.

I bike, so I’m looking forward to getting my bike out of the front closet and on the road.

I live near one of the “stairs” (499 of them, one way…) so I try to do those a few times a week. There are people who do them as many as FIVE times, up and down, in one go.

There is a rail trail at the bottom of the stairs.

I could sign up for a tap dance class at the seniors centre.

I WILL be gardening on my balcony. last year I grew squash, green beans, and potatoes as well as flowers.

I need to get motivated.

I love to bake. I need to do less of that.

I have model trains, but no place to set them up in this apt. (I moved from a 5 bedroom farmhouse a couple years ago.)

I read.

and I make sterling silver jewelry.

so come on, people! Share your hobbies, talents, interests…

this sounds like I am multi talented, and have all the time in the world. trust me, it just SOUNDS that way.

Well, here goes:
I am a dancer. I take Ballet and Hip-Hop, but I do sometimes go to contra dances.

My family owns a big garden in the city that takes up most of our time in the summer. We are just starting to plant things and prepare the ground.

I knit, oh, but why else would I be on here?

My whole family rides bikes most of the time we go places. My brother is a bike racer so he really does ride everywhere. I also ride to my dances classes which is six miles one way.

I am a pretty avid reader and most books I can finish in a day or so. It gets frustrating because I can never make a book last longer than that, and I can never put it down.

So, there you are! Pretty much all the things I do.

For exercise, I walk a lot and this year, I’ve managed to keep at it through the winter (when I usually stop).

This summer I’m planning to do big things in the garden. I don’t know what those things will be yet, but they will be big.

I think I do more gardening in my head than I do for real. By this time, I’ve browsed all the catalogues, and planted and replanted more often than I can remember.

I will grow climbing roses in pots on my balcony. soft pink, and cream. I have it encased in chicken wire to cat-proof, so the roses have lots to cling to.

Wow, I know that feeling :stuck_out_tongue:

Read. A lot! Do stuff with my cat and dog (brush, play, etc). Play on my iPad, watch tv, read forums…

hmm… i think most of us are in the jack-of-all-trades boat. for me the biggies are:

  • just enough graphic design work for longtime, steady clients that i don’t have to dip into my savings while doing…

  • …a lot of boring reading and perfunctory tests, while going back to school. taking a few (online and distance learning) classes last quarter, this quarter and next quarter, so in the fall i can start the in-person classes for my BSN. i managed to get through my AA and BFA degrees with just the bare minimum in math/science. i’m not deficient in those skills, i just find the classes really boring, always have. (side note, i’m already accepted in the linfield/PSU program, but a few weeks ago a local yakima private school announced they’re changing their nursing degree into a BSN starting this fall, so i’m working on getting accepted there too. i may need to stay closer to home, rather than 3 hrs away in portland, if my parents end up taking in my grandma this summer.)

  • snowboarding, when there’s snow (not much of that here this year). keeping my gear clean just in case…

  • normal boring gym workouts. kickboxing classes here and there for stress relief. got a new easy-on/easy-off bike rack for my car, so i can get to yakima’s 10-mile greenway trail easier, otherwise it’s a 7.5 mile trek on bad rural roads and then city traffic just to start the trail.

  • netflix up the yin-yang. so. much. netflix.

holy cow, you people are busy.
and active.

I retired from farming a couple years ago, rode competitively (three day eventer, the kamikaze riders of horsey world) but now, its just for pleasure.

It was a lovely day to sit and watch ships coming and going in the bay, and listen to all the people doing the stairs. all that heavy breathing.

I took my knitting, and sat on a bench.

I like to say that I scrapbook; knitting is what I do when I can’t scrapbook. However, I’ve been letting myself get so wrapped up in other things lately that I haven’t scrapbooked regularly in a long time.

Really what I do is take my kids to their activities and then wait until it is time to go home again. Knitting works well for the wait, even when I’m talking to other parents. Scrapbooking isn’t a good activity to take along to places like that.

I also buy video games (I used to play them; now I seem to just buy them). Most recently, I bought Disney Infinity 2.0 (still in the box), Skylanders Trap Team (I’m on the second or third chapter) and Pokemon Sapphire (I have two or three badges). I’m still trying to finish the original Skylanders game (Spyro’s Adventure) and the second one is still in the box (Skylanders Giants). I did not buy the third one (Skylanders Trap Team) because I never opened Giants. I have Disney Infinity mostly as an excuse to collect the figures, but I won’t let myself buy any until I take it out of the box.

I read a lot of books. (I sneak them in during lunch and when I’m waiting for my software to compile. LOL) I log them in at Goodreads so that I can see what I’ve been reading. My Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge Books

I am also a TV watcher, usually Big Bang Theory reruns, but I also record new episodes of Outlander (Starz), Castle (ABC), and Orphan Black (BBC America). I also record Dancing with the Stars, which I typically watch in 15 or 20 minute chunks over the week (usually when waiting for the kids to get ready for bed.)

INSTEAD of knitting??? :roflhard:

What else is there to do?? :knitting: Seriously, I’m either knitting or reading knitting mysteries!! I do know how to crochet, but I’m doing 99.99% knitting and the .01% crochet (if even that much).


adding to my list:

glass of red wine with stilton on melba toast with grapes and cantaloupe.

can’t possibly knit with both my hands full. :smiley:
just had a rescue cat arrive, after being at an adoptathon. poor guy is tired, grumpy, and just a little ticked.
he’s gorgeous, though.

I’m an artist, so a lot of art is generally in the mix XD
I also dabble in sewing but by hand because I break every machine I touch :frowning: some embroidery also.
also love to geocache :thumbsup:

what kind of artist? paint? sculpt?..

Illustration / visual development mostly but I dabble for fun in lots of areas. I most enjoy paper art and coffee painting for downtimes.

ok, see, now you have to explain what coffee painting is.

holy wow!
I just googled it.

I like reading and writing when I’m not busy knitting.

Well, I travel a lot. But even during my last dolomites holidays I couldn´t stop knitting =) Other than that, I do like to read a good book or work in my garden. Best regards

I do mostly cross stitch. Finished an old world map for DH in 18mos. It hangs proudly in our hallway where it shines for all to see.

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 6yrs old, but I wanted to learn knitting for my yarn art in this chapter of my life. So I’m very new. (about a month) Now I alternate my time between knitting and stitching and not much of either gets done! -lol

I read alot, play CandyCrush (what a timesuck!!!), watch videos with DH.

Joined a gym - then they closed it!
Can’t ride a bike if my life depended on it…I fall off every time.
Gardening gets my hands dirty.

Enjoy trolling forums and found this site, so I’m gonna be here when I should be doing laundry - I can tell! -lol

hmmm, and old world map…

today, a group of local people are getting together to discuss a project for 100 in 1, a day where you come up with a creative way of bringing the community together.

I’m registering my own idea today, once I know for sure I can get the necessary items to go ahead with it.

and then I’ll share with the class. :smiley: it’ll be fun.