What else can I make?

I am making some scarfs for a charity auction in November. I want to make something else to donate as well. What can I make that is easy and quick ??? Any ideas or patterns to share.

I can make the dishclothes but we do try to have a minimum donation amount of about $10, so that would be alot of dishclothes.

Just so you know, it takes me about 2 weeks to make a scarf. I have 3 boys (6, 3 & 1 1/2) so I do not get alot of time to just sit and knit.

I would think a knitted bag (felted or not) would be a great item. Hats might be a great idea too - if you use bigger yarn and needles they really do not take long at all.

Knitting Pattern Central is a great place to find all sorts of patterns.

Hopefully you can find something worth knitting!

You could knit scrunchies. They’re quick and easy and would take no time at all to knit $10 worth.

There’s a pattern on LionBrand.com for some really cute knitted fingertip potholders that look pretty easy.

i agree that hats are super easy! knit them in the round…little rolled brim hats…perfect! i don’t have kids but i am at work about 14 hours a day most days and i can still get one done in about a day or so. supah dupah easy! :thumbsup:

What about mittens? They are fun to knit and always appreciated.

I second the roll-brim hats :thumbsup: I’m making a bunch of pumpkin hats this summer for a fall fundraiser…people love pumpkin hats! :smiley:

:smiley: Me, too…hats and bags :thumbsup:

Thank you for the ideas. Had a good couple of nights and the first scarf is almost done. Just need to bury my ends.

These are pictures of baby hats that I have made…knit flat, seam up the back. They are very quick and easy.

  1. The baby hat from this book. There’s also a pattern for a little teddy bear in this book that seems pretty easy. I’m working on one right now (I just started learning to knit in April) and it isn’t very difficult.

  2. Petal Baby Hat