What d'ya mean--trust the pattern?

This should be a simple question–but is it?

V Neck cardigan (baby sweater).

Work 12 rows decreasing 1 st at neck edge in every row.

Ok, soo does that mean decrease 1 st at the BEGINNING of every row that begins on the neck edge? Or, does that mean knit a row and no matter whether the row starts or ends on the neck edge put a decrease there!

Thanks for your wit and wisdom as always!

P.S. (I’ve gone for Ice Cream!)

Hmmmm. What kind of dec do they want you to do? If it’s a REALLY fast decrease, you COULD do it on every row. But I’m guessing it’s a pattern error and you’re supposed to do it every OTHER row. What pattern is it?

It sure seems to be saying to dec every row, which would be both knit and purl rows.

You could decrease on every row. All you’d have to do is k or p 2tog or do a ssk or whatever. If it said to BO, then you’d be talking every other row for sure. I’d say trust the pattern. :slight_smile:

Thank you for caring–it is always such a blessing to come to this place. To answer your question it is the little sailing sweater (scroll down three rows it’s on the right end of the row).


There are no specific instructions for a particular type of decrease.


Thanks again

It’s not a very deep v-neck (like the Sundy Lunch sweater next to it) so it might very well mean dec every row.

I’m absolutely voting for EVERY row. Not only can I not figure out any other way to interpret their instructions (which yes, are often wrong), but also, from the photo, it is a shallow neck line. If you decrease every other row, it’s going to take you twice as many rows to create the neck line, and that would create a much deeper slope.

You do a decrease on every row at the neck edge. Every time you get to the neck edge you do a decrease.