What doyou think of this vest? and why is the ribbing like that?

Hi! I am so in need of something to start knitting right now and I found this pattern and I actually have the 4 skeins in my stash…

I’m knitting up the swatch now. But isn’t it funny, there’s all this following a tricky sequence in the rib pattern… for what? Why isn’t it just k3, p3 or something simpler? I’m trying to discern a special looking ribbing but I’m not seeing it. Any experts out there who know why it’s seems more complicated than need be? (it’s a pdf file if that matters)

oops, ok it’s a pdf file so I can’t link it. If you are interested in the pattern and want to look at the ribbing you have to click on download… (that’s the only way I can figure it…

The link goes to your computer so we can’t open it.

you’re fast suzieq!!! you did that while I was editing…

Must have…

I don’t have time to look at it, but could it be twisted rib? Or any of the other variations on rib. It would be to give it a different look and maybe lie flatter than a regular rib.

Ok, I think what I’m seeing (the swatch is small you see) is it turns out to be some ribs have 2 stitches between them but others have 3 stitches between them. I think.

That must be it. It’s not so complicated after all.

They did that rib to give it a certain look, not to complicate your life. :teehee: The pattern looks simple enough I’m sure you could do any kind of ribbing you like.

It looks like some of the lines has a k,p,k,p going down.

If it was charted, it’d look like this


There are hundreds of rib variations.
This one might be a wide broken rib; it looks as though it would have plenty of texture and interest.
If you like the look of the swatch, and don’t mind keeping track of the 8-row repeat, go for it.
But as Jan says, it’s a simple enough pattern that you could substitute any rib pattern you like. The only thing to watch out for is not to do a rib that pulls in too much; that would change the fit of the vest.

Thanks guys (gals)! That’s cool you charted that Ingrid.

I think I’ll stick with this rib, I like it. It appears to have like, 5 stitches that run along the rib then that is broken and another 5 appear further along, in the next section.
I guess that’s a broken rib… Interesting stuff.
Simple but not simple… I love learning new stuff!:cheering:

For those of you who opened the file and looked at it…

would you mind confirming before I start… pattern says needles: Size 7 straight for body then size 6 circular for ribbing.

Well! The whole thing is ribbing! After purling the first row you go right into ribbing and it doesn’t say change to smaller size 6. (I wish these designers were more thorough) (or am I being obtuse here) I read the whole pattern through and circular is only used for picking up stitches at neck when done…

So, do I use size 6 for the body? My swatch was done in size 7 and it’s bigger than should be.

You use the smaller needles for the ribbing on the armholes and neckband. Go down to the finishing instructions and you’ll see it say to use smaller needles.

Thanks once again Suziee… much appreciated, I just didn’t catch that.