What does?

How would you read this pattern after slipping marker to leave 1 stitch between 2 markers. Pattern reads k1,m1,k then slip other marker.

Hi and welcome!
Can you quote the two lines exactly or maybe give us a link to the pattern?

The pattern line is:
Row 14: sl1, k9, m1, slm, m1, k9 p1. 23 stitches
Row 15: sl1, p10, slm, k1, m1, k to next marker, slm, p10, k1. 1stitch increased after each odd-numbered row.

It looks like the Botany Kerchief and if so row 14 is really:
Row 14: Sl1, k9, m1, slm, p1, slm, m1, k9, p1. 23 st
For the next row, …slm, k1, m1, k to next marker slm…
So here you’ll only have one stitch between the markers so slm, k1, m1, slm…
On each following odd row, you’ll increase one between the markers and that’ll give you the additional sts to knit between the markers.