what does yfwd and yrn mean please

I know how to yfwd and yrn but not at the same time.
i start the row with 7 sts. then k2, yfwd, k2tog, yfwd and yrn (making 2 stiches) k2tog k1 (8 sts)
if i put yfwd and wrap round needle then knit yes i have 2 extra sts but on the next row they seem to loose into just one stiich and i end up a stitch short.
thanks for any help. helen

Usually the next row will have you work 2 sts into the large loop made by the double yarn over. It might also form a large eyelet in your pattern.
What is the name of the pattern you’re making? Can you give us a link to it or alternatively, quote the entire 2 rows in question?

i am making the edge for a blanket, king cole pattern 3507

row1 k2,yfwd, k2tog, yfwd and yrn (making 2 sts), k2tog, k1 (8sts)

row2 k3, p1,k2 yfwd, k2tog

row 3 k2, yfwd, k2tog, k1, yfwd and yrn k2tog, k1 (9 sts)

row4 k3, p1, k3 yfwd. k2tog.
there are 4 more similar rows to the pattern thanks for your help, helen

Very pretty blanket and edging. Thank you for the name and pattern number.

On the row 2 you will knit into the first loop and purl into the second. Yes, it’s really one big loop so it may be easier to drop the first loop and work a knit one, purl one into the single large loop.

Thanks for all your help, i seem to have got the hang of the large loop now. thanks again Helen.