What does wyib mean in a sock pattern?

hi, I am new to knitting and this is myfirst post, I will be attempting to make a pair of socks soon and took out a library book and copied the pattern, unfortunately, the book was returned to the library before I looked at the pattern. Can anyone please help me figure out what wyib stands for? Thank u! also has anyonehad any experience with circular knittinf two at a time socks? Tho these socks will b made on dbl pointed needles, thanks againfor anyhelp!

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wyib = with yarn in back

If you click the Glossary link at the top of the page you’ll find lots of explanations of abbreviations and some have videos attached. Is this your first pair of socks?

hi, thank u so much for your help, I was totally confused, yes, this is my first pair of socks, I haven,t started them yet as I am on a crochet projectbut hope to attemptto make them soon for my 25 yr old son, another problem I notice is there arenot too manymale patterns available so I hope these willbe big enough, he has big feet! Thanks again!

You might want to look at Lifestyle Socks which is the method I use and you can make them to fit. For your first pair, might I suggest you work them in a heavier yarn maybe to fit yourself and then you’ll end up with thick, warm socks that will work as slippers. Socks aren’t really difficult but there are things to learn and learning with heavier yarn and larger needles is easier. When/if you need help, just holler! Other than the issue of size, basic socks are gender nonspecific too.

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Here’s a link to a recent discussion of toe-up, two-at-a-time socks. There are probably more if you go the the search box in the upper right of the page.

I love knitting socks. The first one is confusing so pick a very simple pattern. I reuse the same pattern but mix up the design with fair isle patterns and different colors. On youtube, you can search for Verypick.com and you will find a set of videos that explains each step. And with worsted weight yarn so you can see the stitches well. Good luck. I couldn’t knit without youtube.

I think this is the link to the sock videos.

Looks like a very nice series.