What does "work sts left on needle" mean?

I’m working on a pair of bulky socks off a pattern from the yarn label. I’ve knit a few pairs of socks before, following a pattern and mostly comprehending how it all worked together. But this is a bit different than the other patterns.

Turning the heel. Working with 10 sts with bulky yarn on size 13, “Row 1: K3, k2tog tbl, k5 turn. Row 2: P3, p2tog p2, turn; leave 2 st on needle. Row 3: K1.k2tog tbl, k1, turn; leave 2 st on needle. (I’m tracking with this so far). Row 4: P1, p2tog, p2, turn; work 2 sts left on needle. Row 5: K2, k2tog, k2, turn; work 2 sts left on needle”

I understand leaving sts on needle, but when I get to row 4, I have already used up all the sts by the time I turn, how can I work 2 more? The p2 in row 4 is the two that were left before. There aren’t any left on the needle anymore. Is it just useless information or do I need to do something?

Crissy, from what I can tell, and I had to follow along with my own yarn; it looks like you’re doing it correctly, so if that’s the case, then it’s likely that you have a stitch count problem, what I’d do, is check the company’s website for Errata to see if there is any corrections for that pattern.

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Yes, the “work 2 sts left on needle” does seem like unnecessary information. It’s just confirming what you’ve already done, used up those 2sts that had been left unworked in an earlier row. Each row decreases one stitch so that by the end of row 4 you’ll have 6sts on the needle