What Does "Work All Sts" mean?

I am a pretty new knitter, so please excuse my ignorance.

I am working this pattern


I am up to the “joining pieces” part. I have made the front, back and sleeves, the back and sleeves are on the extra needle, front is back on the working needle, but I don’t know what it means by to “work the pieces” or “work the stitches”

It also says before that “you will be working the other sweater pices from the spare needle onto the working needle, then joining them…” so am I somehow supposed to be putting all the pieces onto one needle? Argh, I’m so confused, yet I’m so sure that this is something super easy to do! LOL! :doh:

When work' is used in a pattern, it means to knit or purl according to which side you're on, or according to the pattern. And yes, you'll be putting all the stitches on one needle. In this pattern, you knit the front sts (in the pattern st), then knit sleeve sts from the holder, knit the back stitches, then knit the other sleeve sts. They're all on one needle now, and you're ready to startworking on’ all of them for the yoke.

Okay, so in effect, once I am done doing this, they will all be attached by my working yarn, correct?

Yep, you got it. :wink: