What does "turn" mean?

I’ve been looking at sock and Entrelac patterns, and they all say to “turn” after knitting a few stitches of the row. For example, here is the Base Triangles section of an Entrelac pattern I’m looking at:

CO 24 sts.
Row 1: (RS) k1, turn
Row 2: and all WS rows: purl all sts in that section
Row 3: sl 1, k1, turn
Row 5: sl 1, k2, turn
Row 7: sl 1, k3, turn
Row 9: sl 1, k4, turn
Row 11: sl 1, k5, turn
Row 13: sl 1, k6, turn
Row 15: sl 1, k7. Do not turn.

Repeat from * to * to end of row, turn.

Can some helpful person please explain what turning is? :slight_smile:

It means to turn the work as if you had finished the row, even though there are stitches left.

Ah, okay. So I would just switch the needles? If I were knitting the pattern above, I would k1, then swap the needles and p1 for R2?

You got it!

Yes, for entrelac, you purl whatever stitches you knit the row before.
You’d start with k1, then switch the needles and p1.

Entrelac is a great reason to learn to knit backwards. All that turning can get tiresome.:roll:

Thanks for the explanation. I watched the backwards knitting video on the site, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that! Looks like I have a lot of turning in my future. :wink:

That is soooo true; I thought entrelac was so beautiful, but all the turning got me down until I learned to go backwards! It was very free-ing! :woot:

It bothers me less to turn, than to knit backwards, it’s faster. And I use larger blocks too; I did a throw for my so that has 15 st blocks.

I want to learn Entrelac is there a basic pattern on here that I could practice with?

Not at this site that I know of, but a good tutorial is the Yarnpath’s one -
I followed the basic instructions for the throw, just casting on more sts and making the triangles and blocks larger.

suzeeq, thank you sooo much for the link. I so appreciate that. It’s just what I was looking for. Now I need to look at the ‘Backward Knitting’ is there a video on here to teach the knit backwards? If there is I couldn’t find it.

is there a purling backwards?

There’s a backward knitting video somewhere on the 'net, you would need to google for it. But you can experiment and figure it out yourself, take a piece that you’ve knit across, turn and purl a couple sts, then start a purl, turn it around and see how it works to finish it on the other side.

Thank for this reply I think you have answered my question What is Turn Thanks again