What does "turn" mean?

I am working on a baby cardigan pattern from the Debbie Bliss book “Baby Cashmerino 2.” I don’t understand this instruction for the back part of the cardigan: “K18, k2tog, TURN and work on these 19 sts for first side of neck shaping.” What does it mean to “Turn” and work on the 19 stitches? Can anyone help me understand this instruction, please? Thank you!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Knit 18, knit 2 together.
  2. Flip your knitting around from left to right so the wrong side is facing you. Now the 19 stitches that you just worked will be on your left-hand needle.
  3. Follow the pattern from there!

They want you to turn your work as if you were finished with the row. It looks like they’re using this technique so you work one shoulder section at a time.