What does this yarn want to be?

I found this awesome yarn at walmart. I had never seen it there before and was sitting in the clearance bin. There was only 3 of them and one was really ratty and worn looking so I picked up 2.

Now I don’t know what do make with it! I’m not a big fan of those fuzzy boa scarves you can make with novelty yarn… so any other suggestions?

31 m in each 50g ball so 62m total, size 11 needles, 96% polyester 4% Metallic yarn by "No Boundaries "

suggest away!

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Sorry i don’t know what you should make with it :teehee: I just wanted to say that the yarn is SOOOOO PRETTY :flirt: . I haven’t gotten adventurous with my yarns yet (still with the straight strands) but that is something i would definalty buy and i LOVE the colors…awesome buy :star: :yay: :star:

you should check out walmart. I found a thread on google and a bunch of people all over the country (canada and america) have found these No BO yarns on sale ranging from 2 dollars to 75 cents.

They were 2 bucks for me. They are marked down from like 4 bucks or something. It’s kinda weird because I keep hearing how great No Bo yarns are.

Thats awesome :yay: !!! I’m totally going…once the snow and wind dies down over here. :teehee:

wow… Walmart has some goooooooooooooooood yarn :thumbsup:

I think that yarn would like to be a hat. Wouldn’t that be just the cutest beanie? True, it may be a little fluffy but, by the looks of it, it’s not too bad. Then again I love benies, so maybe I’m a little opinianated :teehee:

I second beanie…or a soft hat with a floppy brim. I think it would be so cute!


I’d say either a scarf or a hat.

I’m seeing a psychedelic beret

Does anyone know why I can’t see the picture? This has been happening a lot lately on this site. Must be either a browser setting or a kh account setting, but I don’t know which and I couldn’t figure it out on my own.


A beret or a scarf!

I think it wants to be the brim of a hat and the cuffs of matching mittens.

Often I would get signed out randomly and then I couldn’t see any pics. I never figured it out until I went to reply to a post and I had to sign in before I could. Then it all made sense.

I think I will use this stuff for the edging to some things… The rim of mittens and hats and accent part of the scarf…

I hope I have enough now haha!

I think your yarn wants to mingle with another yarn in order to make something – some great wool with a similar color – you could use them together and make a fun felted bag. – I always think novelty yarn needs to be mixed with something else as opposed to standing on it’s own.

Just my preference!


I think mixing it with anothe yarn would be cool too~! but I was thinking about a large pillow… You could just nit up a simple square make it as large as you want it, fold it in half and seam it up. It looks like one of those expensive novelty/designer pillows that you see at dept stores.
Just my opinion~!