What does this yarn want to be?

I need help!

But first of all, please disregard the fact that this yarn was a christmas present and that it is obviously already opened on the 21st. :oops:

16 skeins of a merino/acryclic mix and some lonnnng addis.

The yarn is a bit furry which I’m normally not terribly fond of, but I like this one. I don’t know if you can see it on your monitors, but the yarn runs from hot pink to dark red to purple to grey and the furry part is black. This is what a swatch in stockinette looks like:

But what does this yarn want to be? A sweater would make me look like a gorilla, wouldn’t it? A poncho could be cute. It’s amazingly soft wool, so I could also knit about 4 scarves with it, but that would get boring.

So I would be very grateful for some ideas! :cheering:

How many yards is each skein?

Wow! What a GREAT present!

Kudos to the giver, for sure…

I’ve looked at the Lang yarn site, and they don’t have that yarn listed in their many varieties. Maybe it’s been discontinued or something. If you could give us either the weight of the yarn (is it worsted, dk, ?) or the gauge listed (if it is…) on the wrappers, that might help with suggestions.

Whatever you wind up making, I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous! Merino is sooooooo soft, isn’t it?

Happy knitting,



I had to convert everything from the metric system:

1 skein = 50 grams = 70 meters = approx. 77 yards.
Needle size = 7 or 8 mm needles = US 10.5 or 11

The gauge on the label says 12 stitches and 18 rows for 10 cm (4 inches). My gauge on the smaller needles was 14 stitches…I guess I’m a loose knitter!

Oh, and big typo in my original post: 14 skeins, not 16!

It looks like it would make a good poncho.


Scarf, hat, and bag set and maybe use it as cuff trim on mittens (matching set!)
Leg warmers if that is your thing

It seems it’s a fairly bulky yarn. At 3 sts to an inch on 10 1/2 or 11 needles, you could whip up a poncho/cape/stole fairly quickly!

Depending on the amount of acrylic in the mix (?), I’d be a bit hesitant to try felting it…it may or may not do so.

Be sure to show us what it becomes!


That yarn is simply begging to be made into a shawl. A fancy one, too. It also seems like good yarn to be made into soft, furry edges to coats, hats, mittens, and stuff.

You are so lucky. That yarn is going to be a pleasure to knit with; I can tell.

Thanks for the ideas, everybody!

Me again, still on the hunt for a good pattern for my new yarn. I’m still so new at this…I have a hard time visualizing the end product when I’m looking at (aka fondling) yarn. :oops:

I know I said this wasn’t meant to be a sweater, but whaddya think: too fuzzy for this pattern? :??


can’t tell for sure but the sweater looks a bit fuzzy to me. :shrug:

I think this scarf is begging to be made with somewhat fuzzy-ish yarn!

Yeah this is really about my need to see SOMEONE make this scarf…

someone other than ME that is :teehee:

The sweater is quite pretty, but again, has quite a different gauge…18-19 sts per 4". So, you’ll have to do some swatching at the get-go to figure out which needles to use to have it come out to the size you want.

Why not go to some of the free pattern sites (alot of them are searchable by yarn weight or gauge), enter the gauge of your yarn, and try to choose something that way instead of getting your heart set on something only to find that you may not be able to work it out…

The yarn is so pretty that I’m sure whatever you decide to make from it will be gorgeous! :hug:


Isn’t the gauge on the sweater pattern 15 stitches per 4"? :?? Or did I misread something?

Nope…you’re right!

I’m the one who misread the gauge… musta been looking at something else at the same time :wall:

Looks like the pattern could work. But if you got

My gauge on the smaller needles was 14 stitches…I guess I’m a loose knitter!

you may want to either make a size smaller or use the next size down needle to see if you’ll get the 15 sts over 4 in the pattern calls for.

Good Luck,


P.S. If you get more sts per inch than the gauge specifies using the size needles called for, you’re knitting tighter, not looser…

You’re right, of course! :teehee:



It would make a gorgeous Clapotis!!!

(don’t worry too much about gauge, just adjust pattern, it’s easy :D)