What Does this step mean.. I am so confused

Hi there, I am completly confused on what this part of my pattren means, anyone who could shed some light on it, it would be amazing.

Shape V-neck 1st row: RS K2 K2tog K17 sl1 k1 passo k2 TURN leave rem sts on a spare needle 23 st
2nd row purl

what is Turn, and how exactly do I purl the next row if I am leaving the stitches on a spare needle? I am trying to create the V part of the neck, but I have never done it before and I am completly confused by this part of the instruction.

Thanks Guys

Tonia “Flash” Ro.

Now that you’re dividing the front for the v-neck, you have to work each side on it’s own.

So you’ll work the directions for the first row, leave the rest of the stitches on a spare needle or holder or piece of yarn, and purl back on the stitches that you just knit.

After that side of the V is done, you’ll put the other stitches back on the needle and work it according to the directions for that side.

Clear enough?

It just means that after you put some of the sts on a stitch holder, you keep working the remaining sts.

So you’ll do this: K2 K2tog K17 sl1 k1 passo k2

Then you’ll leave the remaining sts on a stitch holder, turn your needles around, and work back on those same stitches (and just forget about the ones on the stitch holder for now. Your pattern will tell you when to start working on those again).

Turn means to turn your work as if you were at the end of the row, even if you’re not.