What does this sentence mean? (Pattern Q)

I am knitting constance cardigan by Gregoriafibers which is purchased one.
I have to knit I-cord along the edges of the fronts like the tutorial below

I think I understand the technique but not sure if I understand the last sentence where it says ‘NOTE’ on the pattern. Can anyone help me what this last sentence means? It says “Note: Pick up and knit 3 sts out of every 3 rows along the fronts edge”.


Now, you’ll be working an i­cord along the edges of the fronts.

First step: With right side and right front facing, using a single DPN, cast on 2 sts at the cast on edge, move the stitches to the end of the needle, K1, slip 1st purlwise, yo, pick up 1st and knit starting on the right shoulder side (attaching the i­cord to the edge), slip the yarn over, slip the stitch over (2 sts on the needle).

Next step: Move the stitches to the end of the needle. Repeat the first step.
Repeat these two steps until you pick up and knit all the stitches along the neckline edge.

Note: Pick up and knit 3 sts out of every 3 rows along the fronts edge.

That’s pretty. I think it’s an odd way of saying to pick up a stitch at the end of each row. Because both the cardigan and I cord are in stockinette the row gauge should be the same.

hmm so do I just knit the I-cord just along the front edge as the tutorial shows anyway? (except that it would be 2 sts instead as the pattern requires) Would it make a big difference if I ignore the last sentence? I would be picking up every each stitch on the edge and knit with I-cord…

IMO picking up one stitch at the end of each row is what you want to do. If after a few inches it doesn’t look right because your row gauge is different then you’ll need to adjust it.

I am sorry, that I don’t still fully get what it means of ‘picking up one stitch at the end of each row’…
:frowning: Could you possibly explain more in details?

In the video after she works the I cord stitches with a slip stitch and yo she says “knit into the next stitch” at about 1:58. You can see which stitch she is knitting into. If you do as she does you should be fine. If this doesn’t help then salmonmac or someone can do a better job. It’s not you, I just don’t explain well.

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