What does this pattern instruction mean?

this is a one button vest for a baby, 0 - 12 months, beginner level.
A grandboy is on the way and I have not knitted for over 30 years. So I have completed the two armholes and am working the left front of the vest, with the back and other side on the needle waiting for me! I was able to dec 1 st at armhole for 2 rows. Then work in established pattern (basically a st st with a 3 stitch garter edge) until it measures 9 1/2 inches from cast on. Now here is where I am confused more.:slight_smile:

Place 5 sts at neck edge on st holder. Continuing in st st, dec 1 st at neck edge 3 times.

I am on the perl side. The 5 stitches on the holder (a big safety pin) also have the yarn that I have been using to knit. So what do I do, just make a big loop back to the needle I am working on? Or is this a job for the local yarn shop’s advice?

Thank you much … it is fun.:???: :???: :???:

First do the decs on the side of the neck closest to the working yarn, finish up that shoulder, then cut your yarn or use another strand to work on the other shoulder.

Your reply is a bit of an encouragement, here in Denver. I was about to quit and try a basic baby blanket … and that would be a challenge also.

So I finished the shoulder, with some loopy points due to my uneven knitting. I am planning on weaving in some ribbon later to make up for my flaws :slight_smile:

The next instruction is to leave a 20" tail and tie it on the back and work the back next. Does it mean to cut it and actually tie it with a square knot? I am on the perl side …

Thank you again and let me know if I need to quit knitting instead!

So that’s it for now.
Thank you.:grphug: