What does this meen?

I’m working on [I]another[/I] application form, this time for a forensic biologist in Glasgow.

The application form has sections that need to be filled out with examples of what i have done or my expereince to fill that particualr criteria.
For examples one of them was ‘diversity’ which i filled out with examples of working with our university disability services and working in different countries and with people who’s first language isn’t English.

One of the sections has me confused though. What on Earth is ‘Personal Awareness’. Is it to do with being aware of how i am with people or taking responsability for my actions … I don’t understand.

There is also the vague ‘Job knowlege’ (do you want to know how much i know about the job i’m applying for, or about my current or past jobs), ‘Personal Experience’ (of what?!) and ‘Service Delivery’ (i’m gussing this is to do with if i am able to produce results to schedual, that sort of thing).

But bah! :whoosh: :wall:

any help?

HA! WOW! Sounds like you’ve got a very “new age” employer there!

As for personal awareness, I assume it means how well you know yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses? What are you capable of? What could you never do? etc
Somewhere in all of that would be taking responsiblity for yourself and your actions, I am sure. That’s just maturity!

I think your diversity example is great! and probably exactly what they are looking for. anything that demonstrates an ability to get along with a wide variety of people that are different from yourself would be diversity.

I assume job knowledge pertains to knowledge of the job you are applying for…but with this employer, who knows? LOL!

Service delivery - I think you hit the nail on the head. Do you deliver what you’ve promised, etc.

personal experience - anything you can think of that you have done that might help you in the job you are applying for now. Skill are transferable! You may have originally used that skill in an entirely different setting, but the knowledge remains. Just one more thing they won’t have to teach you.

I wish you all the best on your job search and hope you find the PERFECT thing for YOU! :muah:

uck - I’ve never had to fill out a job application with questions like that, but college applications where always odd like that. From my time in classes regarding patient care, we were taught that personal awareness was to be aware of our attitudes toward others - whether they were conscious or unconscious biases and prejudices. The things that affect our interactions with others. I would say that as a forensic scientist they are trying to figure out if you will let personal feelings interfere with your work. Are you going to assume it was Colonel Mustard with the knife in the library just b/c you don’t like men with mustaches, or are you going to make your decision based on facts.
Not sure how you explain that you will be professional and not let your personal feelings interfere with your work…just my 2cents.

good luck

Im still not sure about the ‘job knowlege’ one.:think:

If i didn’t know the Glasgow Police Force better, I too would think it was some sort of new age company with headings like that!

Glasgow are seriously in danger of ruining their ‘tough guy’ reputation here!:rofl:

They’re Scots and that’s why the silly questions :rofl::rofl::rofl: I just love the Scottish accent!!!

Sometimes I think they put this crap down just to see what you’ll write.