What does this mean?

What does cast on X # of stitches or any combination of 3 + 1? CO 4 sts? Thanks for any help.


Four will work. So should seven, ten. etc. What are you making?

I am doing a dish cloth to learn a pattern. So basically you do sets of 3 and add 1 stitch? That makes sense.

I appreciate you taking the time to write!

That’s usually the way a stitch pattern is written so you can use it on anything–multiple of 3 plus 1, etc. It doesn’t mean “do 3 and add one” but “start with a multiple of three stitches and add one.” Cast on as many as you need to make your dish cloth the width you want it, count them and make sure you have 28 (nine times three, plus one) or 34 (eleven times three, plus one) or whatever makes it the right size. The stitch pattern repeats over three stitches.