What does this mean

Hello smart knitters,

I recently read a pattern and am confused.

This is a side seam shaping. The pattern says “dec 1 st at each end of 12th and 4 foll 14th rows”. The first half is very straight forward, but the second half is confusing. Does it mean dec at 12th row first, then dec 4 st at each end of 14th row? If it does, the side seam wouldnt be smooth.

Need your suggestions.

Thank you

You’ve got the first part right (dec at 12th row first), and your halfway there with the 2nd part.

Instead of dec 4 times on row 14 you dec once on every 14th row following on from your previous dec row, and you do this 4 times.

So you dec on rows 12, 26, 40, 54 and 68.