What does this mean

Is this a way of saying an increase in yarn over " Inc 1 st in next st K1 Thank You

As is, this means to increase in the next st and then knit one. You can increase in the next st by doing a knit front and back (kfb) which is shown in the Free Videos under Increases.
Was there a yo on the previous row?
What pattern are you doing?

No, a yo adds a stitch between the old sts. When a pattern says to inc IN a stitch or knit twice into a stitch, it means kfb.

I’m just starting a dish cloth something simple. Do you have to make a swatch for a flat project?

There was a yfwd is that the same as yo?Thanks

Yes, usually yfwd means yo, and is used between 2 knit sts. A yo between a knit and purl or between 2 purls can be written as yrn, and from a purl to a knit as yon. They’re all just yo.