What does this mean?

Hi - I’m working on a sweater that has stocking stitch on both ends and a cable pattern in the middle. I’m at a point in the pattern where I have increased one stich on the second stitch of the knit row and cast off stitches at the beginning of the purl row. There are two instructions that i’m not sure about and would greatly appreciate help.

  1. when casting off, it says “slipping first st tightly”. Does this just mean when i am putting the yarn over for the first cast off to make sure it is pulled as tightly as possible?
  2. The pattern then says "repeat these last 2 rows 3 times, taking inc sts into St st at beg of rows. What does this mean?
    Thank you! Diana
  1. I think this means when you cast off the first st make it tight. Maybe. If that’s not it, it may not matter to have it exactly as it says since it’s kind of vague anyway.

  2. Keep working in the stitch pattern over the next 6 rows (repeating the last 2 row 3 times) and the new sts made by increasing keep them in stockinette st rather than the st pattern.