What does this mean?!

multiple of 9 sts plus 2.

Do I knit 9 stitches and add two at the end? I am a novice knitter. I have made 1 hat, 1 shawl. Then I stopped for 2 years. I am now ready to get back in the action, picking a nice hat to start with, but the lingo is confusing me.

Thanks guys!!

when you see patterns that say that, it means that you need to have a multiple of “9” and then 2 to balance the pattern.

using the numbers you gave, heres an example…

if you want to do the pattern 5 times you would need 47 stitches.
45sts = 5 pattern repeats + 2sts = pattern balance.

hope this helps

Most stitch patterns are a multiple of some number - k2, p2 ribbing is a multiple of 4. Sometimes extra stitches are added either for a edge or partial repeat of the sts. So for a multiple of X plus Y, you would multiply X 2, or 3 or 5 or 7 times, however wide you want to make it, then add Y. So a multiple of 9 plus 2 can be 20 or 29, or 38, etc.