What does this mean?

Hi, I’m knitting a hat for my son, and I don’t understand what patt4 means when I’m shaping the crown of the hat. It’s a ribbed hat,
2x1 rib. The first row of the shaping is: patt4, p2tog,(patt4, p2tog) 13 times, k1, p0, 71 sts.

Please help me put these instructions into context!!!

Thanks in advance!

Well written like that I’m not sure. Do you have a link to the pattern? (Don’t post the entire pattern)

Without seeing the instructions, I’d take a wild guess that it means pattern 4 or keep in the established pattern for 4 stiches.

It means to work in the 2x1 rib pattern for 4 sts, then p2 tog, then work the next 4 sts as they appear in the rib pattern and p2tog, etc, all the way to the last stitch which is a k1.

:think: [COLOR="#330099"]
I think the pattern author is a Mathematician or a software engineer. :slight_smile:

Did you notice the “p0” in the ending of the row?

k1, p0, 71 sts.

A Math person would read that as p [I]naught[/I] or purl naught. :wink:

In context, the pattern is 3 sts long so two repeats would be 6 stitches. Patt4: follow pattern for 4 sts then next 2 (of 6) are p together. The instructions give this decrease pattern twice before telling you to repeat 13 times. 13+1 = 14 and 14 *5 (p2tog reduces from 6 to 5 sts in the 14 repeats.
Then the follow the k1, p pattern for the end of row as k1, p[B]0[/B].

Total for dec row is 71 sts

Now, either they are a mathematician, programmer, engineer, or simply OCD with the k[I][COLOR=“Blue”]x[/COLOR][/I],p[I][COLOR=“Blue”]y[/COLOR][/I] pattern repetitions. :wink: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#330099]Now, either they are a mathematician, programmer, engineer, or simply OCD with the k[I][COLOR=Blue]x[/COLOR][/I],p[I][COLOR=Blue]y[/COLOR][/I] pattern repetitions.[/COLOR]

No, I think you are, translating into a mathematical equation. :slight_smile: Which I didn’t really understand (could be the headache) but I did understand the pattern as written.

Did I really do that math in Sept. '09?!

Ordinarily I like to revisit my old posts because I occasionally read one and ask myself, “what was I thinking?”

Here I also want to ask what is a 2x1rib and how does it add up to 4 stitches in a pattern repeat?

@suzeeq your headache has become contagious.

Hi there.
A 2x1 rib is knit 2, p1 and is not a 4 stitch repeat. What do the whole row read and why do think there’s 4 sts in the repeat?