What does this mean?

What does this mean? HELP! I’m trying to knit my first sweater, and I don’t understand these directions:
Work same as for back until armhole measures 5-1/2(6-6-1/2-7-7-1/2)”, end on WS.
Shape Neck: Next Row (RS): Work 20(22-23-25-26) sts, place center 12(12-14-14-14) sts on a holder, join 2nd ball of yarn and work to end. Working both sides at once, bind off from each neck edge 3 sts once, 2 sts twice, dec 1 st every other row once. AT THE SAME TIME, when armholes measure 6-1/2(7-7-1/2-8-8-1/2)”, shape shoulders same as for back.

What does “working both sides at once” mean???:shrug: :hair:

You keep both sides on your needles, but they have separate balls of yarn and you work across both sides each row, taking up the new yarn each time you get to the end of the first one… This makes it easier to keep track than if you work one side of the front or back all the way to the top before you do the other side.

You’ve got to balls of yarn going. So it’s telling you to work one side and then the other. I know, the first time I saw that, I thought, “How do I work two at once?” I’m having enough trouble doing just one!

So, I can actually just work the front, and THEN the back, instead of doing this 2 at once thing?

This isn’t the front and back sides but the shoulders you’re working on. And yes, you can do one side at a time.

I’m also knitting for the first time with circular needles, and I’m just getting a regular square, not a joined tube.

what am I doing wrong?

I cast on 80 sts on a straight needle, then knitted a row from there, and now I can’t get the rows to join.
I’m trying to make a cap. A knitted hat.:knitting:

Good. I’m going to just work one at a time

On the circular knitting, it sounds like it was never “joined in the round” which is just a way to say, knit the the first cast on stitch first (normally, you would knit the first cast on stitch last) when you knit that one first, suddenly you have a joined circle, and knit a tube!

On the sweater, if you are knitting the sides separately, you probably want to have two different things (different waste yarn colors, or different stitch holders) one to hold the center stitchs, and then the second one to hold the side you aren’t working yet. Although, when I did a split neck sweater for my son, I found it was very easy to knit both sides at once - I just had to watch that the 2 balls of yarn didn’t get too tangled.

If the pattern told you to turn after knitting the first row, then it wants you to knit it flat and sew it up when you’re done. Generally, the pattern will tell you whether or not to turn the work when working on circs.

To join you have to bring the two ends of the caston stitches together. To do this, you just start knitting the other end instead of turning your needle. If you are supposed to work in the rounds (the pattern will say round' notrow’) then it’s not too late. When you finish the RS row just stretch out your stitches so they run from tip to tip, and begin knitting the other end. The 1 or 2 rows you have already done can be sewn up with the tail yarn.